Karly Pops Many Balloons

11:04 video

This is the first day i have met Karly Salinas and what better way to break the ice than to break some balloons. I have many deflated balloons on the bench beside her and of course she must blow them up to pop them. We play a little game called Fayth says. Once Karly blows up and ties off the balloons, I then suggest how she should pop them. She has only a little experience with popping balloons and I'm here to teach her that there are many ways to pop balloons other than sitting on them. I do want her to be comfortable so I have her sit2pop the first balloon. She is very hesitant but willing to face the wrath of busting balloons with a smile. She blows up another and I have her squeeze it and scissor it with her long legs forcing the neck to protrude greatly. She squeezes hard then finishes it off with her nails. She tortured and torments another with her sneakers and another one with her long nails. Her reaction is so genuine and great, esp when I ask her to bite2pop another inflated balloon. She is scared but her fear does not win, as it bursts right in her face with a smile to follow. I ask her to grab the huge deflated yellow balloon beside her and ask her to blow2pop it. Her reaction is unlike ive ever seen before. She is definitely unsure of this challenge. Stay tuned to see if Karly can conquer this huge yellow winking printed balloon by means of btp!

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