Bonus Update: Goddess Fayth Tapes & Tickles a Sub

28:38 video

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet me in a hotel room for the first time ever as my instructions for you are clear, bring some neck ties and lots of tape and of course a scarf if you don't want your face all over the internet. Well, this is exactly what would happen to you, maybe even worse or better...depending on who you ask;) This lucky sub had the chance of a lifetime and he will never forget it. I taped him up hard and tight but also casually spoke to him as I don't have to treat my subs like pieces of garbage to get what I want. I simply blindfold you, gag you and well, tie your wrists and ankles and well, the rest is totally my call. Who says a Goddess doing her thing cant laugh with you and be nice to you. Hell, if your lucky, i will find your tickle spots too making you smile too;) You wont be able to escape or go anywhere but you wont want too either:) This little sub of mine, im gonna make him shine...with tape, tape and more tape, Im gonna make him mine, mine, mine! Hand gags & struggling for this lil sub of mine. It sure was fun to discover his tickle spots and take advantage of his vulnerable position.  ahh...bound and gagged laughter...I love it. 

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