Damsel Fayth Struggles On Floor

12:30 video

I woke up and find myself cleave-gagged with my ankles and legs secured tightly together with 3 different ropes, my wrists bound behind my back and a chest harness to hold my arms back and my tits made bigger.  As previously posted, i struggle like crazy on the chair, couldn't get the door open and back to the chair, now its time to get serious and get safely to the floor and try to get these ropes loose so I can get out of this warehouse looking place. I mpphh thru my gag with a very worried look in my eyes as i plop to the floor trying not to hurt myself with my already hurt freedom of movement. I kick my legs up, around and try to move my arms to no avail. I eventually see a phone on the table so I make my way to it and maneuver my high-heels to knock it to the ground. Now lets see if i can call for help with my nose.  Wow, it works but who can i call that may understand my gag-talk and my peril I am in. I call the 1 person I trust to help as you hear the phone ringing and then you hear the voicemail pick up and I cry out in frustration.  There is nothing I can do but struggle around the floor some more. You do get a great view of my bound legs, chest and everything in between as I work up a sweat. I bend over the chair to take a rest but giving you a great view of my thick tights covered ass as my skirt has risen up exposing all my thighs. I eventually struggle to the metal wall unable to get 1 rope loose or the cleave-gag off and out of my mouth as I just beg you to help me. Please be my hero and help a damsel out!

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