Fayth Pops Arietta Adams Cherry

13:07 video

Here we are on my casting aka bursting couch with a red head beauty named Arietta Adams. We are both casually dressed and barefoot for this fun balloon experience, her first to be exact. I ask her what her balloon and popping history holds and its clear that she is a natural born poppee. She never wanted her inflated balloons to hang out in their inflated fashion but she always wanted to pop them instead. Today I am going to show her different ways to pop balloons more so than she has ever experienced. Her smile is big and genuine the entire time we play and pop except for a a few moments as you will see. I show her and have her join me after we blow up each balloon and tie it off what a sit2pop is all about. I tell her that sometimes the shards do bite but not often. I must say, the shards get revenge on her this entire video and bite her with every pop and this is something that doesn't happen often. When she sits on the balloon and it pops, it leaves a red mark on her thigh. We then blow up another long one as i show her how i bite2pop a balloon. Her reaction to her just watching me is so priceless and true. She hesitantly follows my lead and takes on the challenge and bites2pop her first ever balloon. Yet again, it bites her in the lip after I insist it wont. I feel bad but this doesn't stop our looner fun. I show her that her natural fingernails can "safely" pop balloons as well as she smiles so big! We discuss her favorite color as she definitely likes blowing black things so what better balloon to give her to blow2pop her first than a black one. I succeed but she almost gets it, but darn it, she blew this sucker up until it couldn't take anymore, just wasn't touching it with her mouth. It still counts as a b2p, right? Well, if not in your book, i decide to have her try again with a pink polka dotted balloon as I get a closer look at her blowing up and inflating with her mouth and puffed cheeks and pretty eyes as this lovely pretty balloon inflated by her mouth until it just cant take her mouth and air anymore. She is determined and ready to make it burst. Once it does, we realize these balloon shards were all out to get her but she admits she will give popping balloons another chance in the future. What a fun balloon introduction this was with Arietta. I can't wait to have her back again and challenge her to even bigger balloon bursting fun!

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