Bonus Update: Prissy CD Caught Watching Porn Punishment

21:07 video

Prissy is a secretary at my office, my vanilla job office, that is. No fetish, no porn, no nothing. She doesnt think nor does she care that I walk up to her while she is supposed to be working. I see from behind that she is looking at porn while on my vanilla clock! I am disgusted as you can see my reaction of shock. I ask Prissy what she is doing and well, its as if we run a porn company and its not a big deal. I am offered a back rub as a forgiveness gesture. Its the worst shoulder rub i've ever received, she then offers to rub my feet. She removes my high heels and again is the worst massage ever! I have a solution to this problem as i grab her by the hand forcibly to the break room to break her of her bad habits. Now that Prissy is bound in a front hogtie, I can show her who the boss really is and emphasise verbally and physically what my rules for secretaries are. I rip up her pantyhose to humiliate her, In her struggles, the wig is lost but her fate is not. I hang it up nice and neat and keep it in view. I demand an apology all while taking blackmail pictures through-out, but its clear with both middle fingers being pointed at me, i must get more physical with my punishment. I use kitchen utensils, floggers, sharp objects and anything else i can find to torture Prissys destroyed pantyhose barefeet. I tickle Prissys toes and soles with my long red fingernails and anything else i can get a reaction out of her. I need an apology and i wont settle for less. I keep switching my torment tools, spank Prissys ass and even force a gag of tightly wrapped micro-foam tape around her head to try and teach a lesson. I still hear laughter from the tickling and moans from the struggling but still no apology. I remove the gag and insist further for a "sorry". I don't stop this bastinado torment until i hear what I want to, need too. I WILL be putting all the pictures and this blackmail video into the employee powerpoint to show other employees this is what happens if you watch porn, especially kinky porn, on my watch!

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