Tomiko Fears Popping

10:44 video

What better title for this video than just that. Tomiko knows I love balloons and right from the start she is far from thrilled to join me in my fun balloon popping adventures. The more scared someone is of popping, the more fun I seem to have. We blow each up but that means each must pop. She definitely knows her prefered method of popping to make it as easy as possible for her to not have shards hit her or to make her anxiety of popping even worse. I laugh at her hesitation but Tomiko sure is a trooper and sits2pop a balloon and other than that, she used her sharp long fingernails to pop the rest even tho I do suggest other ways to force them into shards. I show her what a bite2pop is and she immediately calls me demented and chooses a calmer way to pop the balloon in her hand. I put her on the spot as she blows up a pretty pink polkadotta balloon and ties it off and holds it far away from her body and uses her nails again to destroy it. I sure enjoy hanging out with Tomiko, but i might have to keep the balloons away if I want to hang out with her again;) 

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