3 Girl Kneeling Gagged Strappado

8:39 video

Here I am with 2 lovely ladies that were willing to give one of my genius ideas a go. None of us have ever been in a kneeling strappado with our ankles tied up beneath us so who better to enjoy it with than Carissa Dumonde and Giving Sun. It is a hot day in Florida so only colorful panties are needed to add a bit of color to the scene and to soak up the sweat the drips down all of our bare chests immediately. Ball Gags are shoved into and strapped around our heads to muffle our distress. This position was so much harder than we all anticipated. Our buddy KnottyGuy takes a few pics of our peril and even comes in to secure the ropes and yanks a bit causing us each to moan a bit louder. He is such a good friend we glance up to see him drinking ice cold water but he does share a bit with us by throwing it on us. What a lovely fella:)  Wow, what a simple but damn stressful bondage position on our bodies. The video doesn't end there since even the undoing of the bondage is great footage, after the stressful scene, I keep recording each of us getting untied and our comments to go along with how much is sucked and how good it obviously feels to get the ropes loosened off our bodies and even talking about how i didnt drool but Giving Sun was a dripper. Wow. What great friends i have to join me in this unexpected strict bondage scene!!

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