Spyder Fayth Forced to Cum or Else...

25:14 video

Its time for Spyder Fayth to get back to fighting crime. I suit up and put on the final piece of my superhero uniform, my mask. Now I'm ready to track the villains down. I have finally caught up with the most evil villain around as i sneak up on his lair, watching him bring in even more evil tools of his trade. I quietly enter his dungeon lair and take a look at all his torture devices. As I talk to myself about how horrible of a man he is and how horrid his tool of choice are, he sneaks up behind me and grabs me in a bearhug from behind. I try to fight him off, kicking, screaming but his grip is too tight. He then punches me as hard as he cant in my spandex covered pussy, sending me to the floor holding my now painful crotch. He then stands over me and gives me a powerful kick to the pussy causing me to pass out in lala land. He then proves he is most evil as he unzips my pussy zipper, inserts a vibrating bullet operated by the ring on his finger, as i still lie there limp and helpless. He then dumps water over my face, causing me to wake in a stir and try to find my composure but as soon as i think i do, he pushes the power button on his ring causing it to vibrate inside me. I beg to know what this is and what is going on as I try to hold back joy of the pussy vibrations. He states that its an explosive device and if i try to remove it, it will explode, if i dont cum, it will explode. The only thing that will deactivate this bullet bomb is the hitachi but I don't see one anywhere. The bullet vibrates me so much causing me to cum in my spandex causing me to go limp once again. I then wake up to find myself bound with my arms above my head and spread as the bullet is turned to full speed causing me to writhe and struggle in my binds. I scream, i try not to cum but its no use. I cum and I cum again begging for mercy. Several minutes pass as he enjoy causing chaos to my pussy, he then submits to my request to use the hitachi and try to deactivate this bullet bomb inside me. I use one to push the hitachi to my pussy but its just not enough, so i use my teeth to unbuckle my other wrists leather cuff so I can use both hands to force myself to cum and cum, I turn it on high as i still feel the bullet inside vibrating. After a few more orgasms and screams of torment, i feel the bullet deactivate. I fall to the floor exhausted from this peril as I remove my mask, hold my crotch as it has just endured so much pain and torment. I am just grateful it didn't explode. I crawl away disheveled and wet and tired from this grueling affair. Maybe Spyder Fayths powers were not completely back after her last misfortunes and she needs to take another reperive before thinking she can take any and all villains down.

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