Wenona Has Fearful Popping Fun

16:00 video

Its been a few years that I had the chance to hang out with Wenona and of course I want her to pop some balloons with me. I knows she is scared of when they pop but since we are good friends, i feel its only fair I get to torture her more so than any other woman on my bursting casting couch. She shows her hesitation and fear immediately as this makes me smile and laugh at and with her. She really takes her time in blowing some up and popping them how I suggest  but I keep on blowing them up faster than she does so i can continue to scare her with them. This is really fun for me to see this tough woman that can handle most anything be so scared of something so simple. I show her that bite2popping them isn't bad and or hurts and several other means of bursting the bastards, she still is fearful. I come up with a great idea on blindfolding her with a big deflated balloon to show that she actually can blow2pop a balloon. She accomplished this big mission without even seeing what she is doing. She is still scared so I come up with a genius idea on how she won't be able to run away or keep me from popping them. I blow up and tie of several more balloons but I sit on her with all my weight and sit on the balloon on top of her belly. I bounce and I bounce until each pp. She is still trying to cover her face but i try very hard so you and I can see this true fearful reaction. She is laughing and smiling but also very scared of them bursting but since Im on top of her, she isn't going anywhere! Is this how you need me to pop balloons with you? Do I need to sit on you too so you cant run from the inevitable popping?

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