BatGyrl Sneaking, Grabbed & Bound - Part 1

6:31 video

Batgyrl has found the villain's lair and is scoping out the surrounding areas and house to ensure nobody is home before she continues on with her mission. Once she found the room that the villain keeps his devious tools of his trade as she is looking into the window, the villain sneaks up behind her and grabs her and uses the white cloth of doom to force her into lala land. Batgyrl is now sprawled out onto the ground as he gets a very good look at her spandex covered body, her masked face and closed eyes. He kicks her legs open as he gets a good view of her lady parts as the stretched spandex allows transparency to her ladybits. She then appears still in limp lala land stripped of her gloved and footed spandex superhero costume, bound to a wooden chair wearing only her mask. As Batgyrl is still limp, he removes her mask, leaving her spread and helpless awaiting her doom now with her identity fully revealed. She starts to stir an move as she realizes she is in trouble. She is in for a big surprise of interrogation and many harsh gags as seen in part 2 being released in a couple days. 

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