Naked Blow Up & Toes Push2Pop

8:35 video

I am naked as a jaybird as I must inflate and blowup the balloons before i can consider popping them. I get comfy on my belly with my barefeet are visible and teasing you as I blow this balloon up until I think it can take just a bit of torment with the balls of my feet and toes too. I slowly push my toes into the balloon. I do not bounce, or poke or prod, but gently press my bare toes into the balloons causing the neck to protrude more and more. The harder i press, the harder the balloons gets. Eventually it just can't take my wrath as it explodes with my feet still arched and curved for your viewing pleasure.  I inflate another while sitting naked but of course crossing my arched feet ensuring you never loose view of them. I blow it up until the neck starts forming and tie it off and give you a slight different but just as great view of my toes pushing oh so nicely into the balloon until it cant take any more pressing into it. They each pop unexpectedly but oh so lovely like. This is a barefoot naked balloon blowing and popping dream video, trust me;)

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