Nyssa & Fayth Mummification Gone Awry

15:09 video

I received a gift of ace-wrap from a friend and who better than to play with it than with Nyssa Nevers. We are both topless only wearing sexy panties outside as I start to casually wrap Nyssa. We both are smiling even as I wrap her mouth with a very effective over the mouth gag as I ensure it stays on by wrapping way more than just her mouth as I cover her ears and much of her head as well. I then make my way down her body with the purple medical wrap. I of course leave her ample tits out so I can play with them at any given moment. I keep wrapping and talking to her as I mummify her entire sexy body. She trusts me to lay her down in the grass so I can finish completely wrapping her up. I of course grope and fondle her and have fun with her helpless body. I look up and realise we have an uninvited guest. I beg and plead to leave us alone but to no avail. I end up mummified in white ace medical wrap with my head covered, my mouth covered and the rest of my vulnerable body as well except for my tits. You then get the chance to watch us both squirm around the grass now not so casual but in a bit of a panic. We certainly cant run away. We try to roll away but its no use. Nyssa discovers eventually some loose parts to her mummification as she works on escaping her peril. I am unable to escape but watch her try with all her might. She eventually is able to get her legs loose enough and manages carefully to stand up in her bonds and hop away for help leaving me still mummified and gagged to struggle helplessly. I sure hope she comes back or gets help or I will left to deal with the villain that did this to me. Will you come help me or will you just stand back and watch as I struggle to escape as well?

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