Constance Sits ON Fayth & Pop Balloons

8:53 video

I am attempting to take a nap while still in my sexy law enforcement uniform when my roommate Constance comes home totally awake and ready to wake me up with no remorse for my schedule or personal space. she is ready to party and she has lots of balloons to prove it. She immediately sits on me and on top of balloons to pop them on top of me. I am totally speechless as this really needs to be a dream and not for real. I cant believe she has the cooth to do this to me, as she sits on me, blows up balloons then puts the balloons between her ass and my belly and bounces on each of them until they pop. I moan, I gripe, I protest, and I beg her to stop but there is no use as she is determine that I do not need rest and she is ready to party. She just keeps popping balloons on me, sticking them in my mouth and forcing them to pop ON me until she runs out of them. This cant happen soon enough as I really think i need to look for a new room-mate, maybe one that is allergic to balloons or just doesn't like them. Just let me nap and we will be fine. Popping balloons on me with her full weight was just a bit over the top to keep peace in this household.

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