• Help Me (Fayth) Help You & Long Over Due Update! (November 13, 2023)

    There is so much to say and update you on. First and formost, THANK YOU! Thank you for being a member and a Faythful follower of my work, new old and everything in between.

    I NEED YOUR HELP: What do you want to see here?

    Do you want more and new bondage?

    Do you want more balloon videos?

    Do you care what type of videos go up here as long as they include me and my body in one way, shape or form?

    PLEASE help me, help you. i will happily listen to your suggestions and if i am able to film the content you are wanting to see, I will. If it requires assistance in a moving camera, a rigger, another woman, etc., I cant promise but I will certainly try to get you what you are wanting.

    Email me at and let me know.

    At this point, I will be slightly changing the topic of updates as I continue to get back in the routine of filming and updating. I do not have any balloon or bondage videos remaining to update but I will post updates that I enjoyed the most filming and being part of. There is so much more to me than getting tied, tying, and popping balloons.

    Those niches are my love, my life, my fetishes but I am unable to film those subjects everytime I have a chance to push record. I hope you stick with me in the period of time that I build my video collection back up.


    Let me share my last 10 months with you.

    I successfully thru hiked the Appalachian Trail. It took me 223 days (7.5 months). I lived with only what I could carry on my back and hiked 2200+ miles from Gerorgia to Maine. I dealt with single digit temps to 90 degree temps. Frozen water to fishy chunky water to rain to snow to floods to drought conditions & bugs, oh so many bugs & snakes and bears & even got surrounded and circled visiously by a coyote. I have so many stories & experiences that I will never ever forget.

    This has changed my life. I will be enjoying the outdoors even more so than ever. I will be purging much of my belongings and I will be traveling the US & globe much much more. 

    I will continue to get tied but I also will not push record every time I am enjoying the rope on my body. 

    I truly enjoy sharing my kinky world but there is a time and place where i dont want to wear makeup, shave my legs, nor be "on stage" when all I want to do is be tied, left to silently enjoy my rope hugs. 

    I have also made a huge mission come true and purchased a converted camper van. What this means is I will be traveling more, exploring more and hiking even more. 

    The evolution of life is amazing. I will forever be kinky, love being a top and enjoy being a bottom and of course popping anything that pops. I will continue sharing my antics but I decided not to be a slave to my video camera but satisfy my true happiness and passion for the outdoors and surround myself w good people and energy around me.

    Please feel free to suggest any locations that have great hiking trails, good food, and sights that I should see. 

    I love meeting my Faythful fans for coffee or lunch too. Seriously, this is an option:)

    If you care to see my entire hiking diary and true true hiker me form, Feel free to join my patreon to see what I have been up to since Feb 23.


    THANK YOU again for your support and please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I want to know what you want to see.


    Fayth On Fire

    To keep an eye on my antics, find me on





  • Kink & Hiking Updates - Feb 2023 (February 13, 2023)

    New videos are always updated every Tuesday and Thursday and 2 Saturdays a month here for your enjoyment.

    You can also following my not kinky adventure I am undertaking from Mid Feb 23-Aug-23 as I am on a mission to hike 2200 miles to start & complete the Appalachian Trail. You can follow along on my patreon page to enjoy my antics from the comfort of your home.

    Be well, get outside, and enjoy nature!

    Happy Trails

    Fayth On Fire


  • The Latest & Future Faythful Agenda (September 23, 2019)

    What a year its been. I feel I haven't had a downday since before May and no intentions of any until the new year. (Or well, i might get 1 in Santorini in December:)


    So much has happened, and even better will be happening here soon.


    Ill start with what has past and what has kept me busy and then fill you in what my motivation is that im looking forward to next.


    In May, I spent 2 weeks in England with great friends and as you hopefully have seen, the awesome and fun videos I filmed and updated the last few months. I have many more vids from Boundcon 19 yet to edit and update. Phenomenal bondage scenes on & off stage and beautiful friends joined me.  I then visited Southern France, Cap D' Agde, a nudist "city" and beach. It was amazing to say the least. I sure wish there were more nudist areas like this!


    Got home refreshed and very tan to then leave for a 16 hour drive 2 days later to visit my gramma and attend a cousins wedding to learn that I was the one family member that has a somewhat of a flexible life to be able to move into grammas to help her sell her house, keep her safe in the meanwhile, and as comfortably as possible, move her into an assisted living home. I drove back to Florida and had 2 weeks to break up with the boyfriend, move my life into a storage unit, and then drive 16 more hours to move to PA with my 2 dogs into grammas house and also the same place and town and home I grew up in. I never wanted to come back to my hometown. But after losing my mom, caretaking for my gramma was an easy decision in that regards. She is 91, awnry, stubborn, and helped raise me. It was the least I can do. Ive been here since July with a 2 week trip back to Florida for Fetish Con. 


    Im not sure if it was life overwhelming me, or being the 15th year in a row attending Fetishcon but I was feeling very unpeopley, so my solution was to walk around as a red puppy furry. I didnt want to miss anything but I just wasnt in the talking mood. It was a great time but my heart wasnt in the same place as it was the previous 14 years. Tho I have never drove 16 hours to attend the event either. After that unique long weekend, It was great to spend time with my offspring and enjoy time kayaking.


    But back to PA i had to go. I cant reiterate how difficult it is to be a caretaker, tend to her needs, her house sale and showings, packing up her home that shes been in since 1947 and keep patient and calm along with trying my damndest to keep my business going as I have for years now. Finding dogsitters, film helpers, riggers, locations, and time, has been so so so difficult for me. 


    I had to rent a studio for 4 hours for my 1st time ever due to no other locations available but luckily I had 2 phenomenal helpers to make that day amazing for me!


    She moves into a assisted living facility in 5 days, and I am putting the dog I adopted from my deceased mom, to sleep in 4 days. Then on top of all this, found out my van need 2k worth of repairs to make sure I dont break down for my next adventures. I just dug the pups grave yesterday, engraved a plaque and is the utmost saddest thing ive ever done. Ive never done this before and i cant help but cry. She is my furbaby and now I must see her thru the end and I dont like it.


    Anyways...sorting pictures Im finding around my grammas house makes things difficult too as its when mom was alive, all was well, and nobody was missing from the family gatherings. 


    So that pretty much brings me to my current situation. 


    Oct. 7, I leave PA, knowing gramma is safe and no longer has to climb stairs to shower and her worrying about burning her darn trash, checking her mail, and not taking her meds, and getting frustrated at me for trying so hard to make sure she is ok.


    I head to Mass. then Vermont then headed thru Canada to land in Upper Wi. with my wonderful Poly couple that we have worked years on realizing this just might be the perfect trio for us. 


    Then driving back to PA in Nov. to make sure gramma is ok in PA for a few days, then driving south to Florida to make sure my motorcycle still starts and pack my bags for the biggest international trip of my life with my lovely lovers. 


    We are headed to Venice, Athens, Santorini, Istanbul, cruising on the Nile River, Hurghada, then finishing off our adventure in Cairo. THIS is my motivation for all the lifes stresses Im going thru now.  I really cant think of a better light at the end of the tunnel if you ask me;) 


    I then plan on spending the winter back in Florida so I can see my son pursue his professional soccer player dreams.


    My suggestion to you after writing all this:


    If you want to do something, go somewhere, visit someone out of the country or have a bucket list...GO DO IT! You are not stuck. It may take years of planning and prep, blood and tears but if you want it, it will happen, trust me! If you are with someone or in a job that doesn't support you, fix that. trust me. I am realizing people work, work work work work work and work some more and dont do what they always wanted and then time passes, health diminishes and then those things cant happen. DO IT NOW!!


    If you need guidance on where to start, i will help you write those steps down. Be patient, dont give up, and go do what YOU want to do!!


    There will be ups and downs and smiles and pain but you can do whatever you set your mind too. If i can do it, anybody can!  


     I know I dont update this blog often and Im sorry but honestly, i dont know who reads it but IF you do care to keep up with my antics the best way possible, i will recommend following me on Twitter. Seems I update there the most with updates, life happenings, where the heck i am, going, will be, when and who im having antics with;)



    If you so happen to live in any of the locations I have mentioned, message me. I would love your guidance and help in visiting your area. OR if you think I might be traveling thru or near you, do not hesitate to message me as having a coffee just might be an option:) 


    Email me at with any questions, comments, travel advice, etc. or even suggestions on what you might want me to update here next as 1 member here does and I love it!










    PS. Im always up for shoots/sessions in or near the cities Im visiting. Dont hesitate to ask, but please use manners in any messages you send me, please!!


  • Faythful Update (October 23, 2018)

    WOW, what a year...what a year!!!! I think that my last lil update was in video form, as I have posted a link from my YouTube channel. Lets just say I am still grieving my mothers death and will be for a long time to come. I never ever thought this would happen, being motherless and no one to send my silly cooking questions too, or my furbaby pics too. If your mom is still with alive, give her a hug for me, for you, your mind, your heart. These past few months I have lost several friends to death as well. I really am not sure I like this thing called getting old, seems the older I get the more people leave me to gain their wings. I don’t like it, and honestly, not sure who does. There isn’t much we can do to stop this evolution of life but hug those around us, make sure they know you care, love them, and are there for them while we are all on this earth together. Last thing on that: IF you don’t have life insurance or some sort of burial policy, get one..even if its just for 10K..putting the burden of burial costs/final wishes on the family and friends is something avoidable. I have donated all I can to several people to help them bury/cremate their loved ones and its avoidable if you just get a simple policy. Seriously will help your family more than you realize. OKOK, seriousness aside: lets talk kinky stuff:) If you haven’t been keeping up with my updates, GO NOW! my C4S store has more than 2700 updates to enjoy  or my membership site:  has hundreds and hundreds. I have been living in the most amazing home with a lake being in my backyard and a couple acres of very private land. I have had many very sexy woman over for kinky fun. You should check those above links out. I've had an opportunity the last several months to hire woman I never thought I would and its been fun to pop many of their cherrys with my fun balloon fetish and even their first time in ropes. I really do love showing anyone how much fun being kinky can be! Unfortunately, this Lakeside Lair is coming to an end in Dec but I’m headed to another home that also has water, trees, a few gators, and of course fishing out my back door. Life is an adventure and I wont stop exploring and living it to the fullest. IF you want to order a custom video, get your requests in asap. Id love to shoot as much kinky fetish fun as I can before headed to my next home and before the holidays sneak up on us. Email me at and lets turn your fantasy into reality in video! If you don’t already know, you can follow me on twitter to keep a pretty good eye on all my craziness I also have instagram, but not so keen on that realm of social media..but I do have it if you care to follow me there: I could keep on going with what I've been up too but let me try to bullet point my other not so kinky actions.. -I still love riding my motorcycle. I do need new boots, my last pair, the soles went flying due to the lovely humidity Florida has in which causes many shoes to fall apart way faster than anything I’ve ever  seen I donate Platelets as often as I can, and SO SHOULD YOU! Cancer patients need this to survive! Headed to Munich, Germany in May for BoundCon. You should attend too. Its the best fetish convention I’ve ever attended! Will be in Vegas in January. Lots of fun events going on there. Let me know if you will be there and we  can play penny slots together;) My Civil War reenactment season starts next weekend. Super stoked to primitive camp and cook over the  fire and fight with the men! I think I will be getting yet another promotion, more stripes, more responsibility  = bitchier Fayth in the morning throwing orders to the soldiers..I guess this could be a great If you want to shoot, session, meet up for coffee, don’t be scared to ask. I have met some amazing life  long friends thru kink and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! More friends the merrier! I play in an APA pool league, 8 & 9-ball. I win some, lose some, and I think I smile more than anyone else  in that darn room. Especially when I miss, I laugh. Its only a game, right; I will admit, I play Pokemon. If you do..add me as a friend: 566046956646 If you don’t play, don't make fun  of me;) If your curious of anything else, just ask! If you are still reading...You are wonderful. I appreciate your support thru the years, 16 to be exact and I appreciate your purchases of videos or memberships. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn't be here sharing all the kinky fun I love having! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! XOXO Fayth On Fire 

  • Your Fayth, As Strong, Stubburn & Happy as Ever (May 6, 2017)

    I know, I know, its been a while and I have been wanting to update you all on my crazy life but the writing mood just doesnt hit me as often.

    Before i go on a long rant: DO me a HUGE favor and go to link: and vote for me EVERYDAY for the Best Oversees Model

    Im the 2nd 1 from the left.         Im humble enough to realize I dont have a chance in hell against my friends and fellow awesome fetish models..but Heck, maybe with your help, i stand a chance.  I really appreciate it!!

    Im not even sure where to start so ill just go backwards, current to the fading away..

    My Partner in crime is doing so much better from the stroke he had 6 months ago.  Its amazing how a body can recover but then if you dont want to recover or dont try or care, then the body doesnt either. Stokes really effect the brain and everyday actions and i never thought id know so much about it and to be honest, i never knew i would be this patient.  Im not a patient person, or well, i didnt think i was. The worst part about the recovery recolection process is that he forgot that he was such a great cook and had a passion for it..and i have a passion for yeah, i need to work on this cooking thing with him so i can get back to being the foodee i am;))

    I wont let him on a ladder or roof or whatnot and that leads me into what has been keeping me super dooper busy when im not bound or blowing balloons.

    I pretty much have learned and accomplished how to demolish an entire house. from taking down all the drywall in all rooms, taking up, or out all the tile off the floor and walls, removing all the ceiling and insulation to putting it all into a dumpster 1 wheel barrel at a time on my own. I now know how to put a roof on and well, also remove 19 trusses from a roof, i know what farring strips are, cement board, stick&peel. Oh bTW, i hate roofing with all my might, especially when its 90 million degrees out in Florida. Ug..I know how to remove sinks, toilets, windows, tubs, plumbing and all electric. I love beating walls down, thats super fun and super hard but feels so good to beat those studs!

    Anyways..ive been working super hard on this fliphouse my partner has since i wont let him and i feel super awesome that im not a freakin wimpy girly girl and can do this dirty work. Ive only broken 1 nail and bled a few dozen  PS. I hate insulation itch with all my might.

    The one great thing about me working on this house was that i recorded quite a few of my demo if you want to check my dirty work videos out, check this link out. 

    In a few months, we will be moving into this home and its exciting as i will have my own studio room and many suspetion points and a private back yard..So many ideas to film, i cant wait!

    Im off to England & Boundcon in Munich in a couple weeks and I cant wait.  This is one of those events that is worth every penny, every hangover, every bruise, every spanking, and long flights just to see everyone that is likeminded and nonjudgmental.  I cant wait!

    Im even meet yet more fans in England during my time there to do some bondage and even balloon popping.  Meeting me is easy and fun, just ask and you never know. I love talking and sharing and teaching and learning from others!

    So other than that, I finally had a chance to visit Denver, Colarodo and I loved every moment of it! The food was amazing, the attutude, altitude, and freedoms there were amazing. I must go back very soon!  My momma's cancer has come back and heck, i bet her and I will be going back to help with her ailments before i know it.  I brought her back special candy and it helps her so much, i wish i could bring a truck full back and make her feel better instead of having to ration it. Anyhoo..that place was awesome to say the least!!!

    I went on a modeling tour to Pennsylvania recently, and other than driving through snow and ice and gripping the steering wheel tighter than i have ever, i made it, survived and cant wait to go back!! I even shovelled for my gramma and built a snow-woman with boobs at midnight with my highschool girlfriend and did some great modeling too;) Life is good!

    So yeah, Oh, the last 6 months i have been renting a studio space, my first ever. I am super glad i did as i got the opportunity to meet other fetish folk and have more filming fun and debauchery. I have learned i like the limbs of my body casted and as immobile as it gets.  That experience has opened lots of cans of worms in my head to say the least.  I love how the mind works. 1 experience leads to 1 million more ideas in your head and wonderful fantasy thoughts.  I giggle out loud often when i think of whatnots i have yet to try or must try again.  If you cant laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at, right?

    But I have less than 2 more weeks with the studio and im done with it, same room, same whatnot gets boring, so now that my disaster house is safer, i can film there now..Timing worked out perfectly:)

    Yes, I am a mother, partner, daughter, construction worker, demo crew, video production team, editor, model, transporter, cooker, looner, tied up, filming crazy gal lately and I would have it no other way! 

    Now off to dogsit for my momma while she is on a well deserved cruise and of course use her pool for some bondage and pool toy infaltable fun and of course balloon popping too;)

    If you have any questions, or if you want to meet for coffee or yummy food, dont hesistate..I love love love meeting new people!


    My C4S store with ALL my fetish fun is updated with a new video EVERY OTHER DAY!

    Till next time, keep the Fayth and feel free to order a custom video:) 

    Email me anytime at


    You are wonderful!!!



    Fayth On Fire


  • Good Riddance 2016 (November 18, 2016)

    I swear i posted something other than my interview since almost exactly 1 year ago.  How strange. So much has happened!

    I am still grateful as hell for everything in front of me! (one year ago, my post was so super dooper happy and fun sounding)

    I have learned a lot about myself and damn, I am a caring person when it comes to those i love.  They are priority and their healing is more important than anything.

    My mom was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer last Nov., almost lost her due to a blood clot 3 times, helped her through chemo and now watching her be in remission is awesome!  My Mom Laying in the hospital for days in a row with beep beep beeping and nurse and nurse and a grumpy was really the most miserable time i've ever had. Thank God that is over!!



    I am a caretaker for my partner in crime since he has a stroke 18 days ago.  He is healing everyday but it takes lots of work on both our parts to get him back.  Such a crazy thing to happen to a person. Helpless and life changing and frustrating and tiring. I admire nurses very much so!

                   (off topic)iF you hate your job, nomatter what you do..get the hell affects others! Switch jobs and quite being miserable!!

    I spent 9 days in the hospital with him.  Our fridge went out, our water heater went out when i came home on day 5 to get fresh stuff and head back..But its going to be alright...its crazy how we adjust life for loved do what you have too nomatter what. love is amazing!

    I'm REALLY needing bound and to shoot and to get tied up tightly and have you watch my "misery" aka therapy with me.  I'm working on that NOW..

    Tomorrow, I'm going to go have some balloon popping therapy at my moms..i will smile big with every pop!

    Also, some cool ass roommates moved in and were working on a flip with 2 less hands..that also is keeping me very busy. I suggest finding me on twitter if you havent. You can see me in my overalls, sweating my ass off and being the dirty girl i like being! I really enjoy demolition, drywall, painting, tiling, trim, nothing..none of that is fun to me!

    I seriously cant tell you enough how much i appreciate your support here, being a member and helping me realize you few are so fuckin worth it and awesome!  Thank you!!

    But damn!

    what a ride!

    Traveled quite a bit this year. Went to Arkansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania x 2, Illinois, Iowa, United Kingdom, Germany, and Wales. Damn. Just did the math.  I was outside of Florida 72 days of this year.  Lets just say I'm super happy I have no flights on the schedule.  I really like being home but i get the travel itch or i just love the people at certain locations, i want more. 

    Well, I do also know i did get to meet a handful of my members this past year as well as a few got to tie me up!

    I am humbled to have met you, and thank you for reaching out to me.  It will happen again guys!

    This is seriously an option! I kinda think i'm pretty easy going and and have a cup of coffee with the best of em;)


    Thank you, I am grateful for you, even if all you did is read this.  




  • Get to Know Fayth On Fire. An Interview by RopeDreams (July 8, 2016)

    Grab your glasses, grab a drink and a munchy. Here is the story of Fayth On Fire:
    1)  Describe your very first times tied up both off camera and on camera?
    The first time I was ever tied up was in 2002 by Vesta & Genesis for website.  Back when I had the very short blonde hair and was still actively in the Air Force too and I was asked to bring some sexy lingerie. I didn’t know what to expect, nor do I remember all the details, but I do remember having such a great time, I knew I wanted more! I found it so amazing that I could make money getting tied up without even being naked or anything being done sexual. I was intrigued by it all and I knew I had to get tied up again.
    As for the first time I was tied up off camera, it took a while for that to happen but once it did, I experienced my 1st subspace and, again, I knew I needed that again too. It was so nice to not have to cater to the camera but enjoy the bondage and blindfold and cleavegag and enjoy a nap after a spanking or 10.
    I do enjoy sharing my bondage experiences with others, but I do love when I can have personal time in bondage as well. It’s a win win situation to say the least.
    2)   What inspired you to become an adult industry model generally and a bondage/fetish model in particular?
    What inspired me to become an adult fetish bondage industry model is pretty simple. I love being bound and experiencing others’ perspective (talent of rope) and never getting bored. I never realized there are so many different ways to be in a hogtie for example. The other inspiring motivation is that “fetish” is world wide and, with the help of the internet, I can be contacted and taught what others enjoy. My passion is to understand other cultures’ and societies’ likes and dislikes and this is a never ending lesson. I’ll never get bored with learning; this I know.
    3)  What is it about your work that you think makes you so popular with your fans?
    This is a tricky question, as maybe what I think is the wrong thing, but with the many years of emails and feedback and especially custom requests asking me to do similar things, apparently because I’m good at it -- my good ol’ struggling in bondage. Instead of laying there with a deer in the headlight look and not moving, I create challenges such as, can I roll over, can I get across the room, can I lift my leg without hurting another part of my body. But I also think my big mouth can handle a variety of gags and it seems a majority of the time, they can’t shut me up, as I keep gag talking and struggling the best and hardest I can. Maybe it’s my eyes. Maybe it’s my butt. Maybe I’m popular due to all of those things combined. Or maybe because I simply want to be friends and have not one bit of drama in my life or work to interrupt all the fun I know is possible in this line of work.
    4)  How did you choose your modeling name?
    When I realized I was going to pursue modeling and with my eclectic real first name, there was no way I could use it since my family could Google it way to easy. I was in a crossroads in my life where I had to pick a path, and the two paths I had were to go the religious route, which includes the corporate world, or I go down the path of fetish and creating art. I thought to myself, why do I have to choose one or the other? So I decided to keep a bit of faith and do what I knew I would love and enjoy. So now, I have Fayth in everything I do. As for the “On Fire” part, this was evenings of brainstorming what sounded cool with “Fayth”. I do love sitting around campfires and playing with and staring into the flames. I wouldn’t consider myself a pyromaniac but simply love staring into the abyss of the flames, knowing it will never be the same. Same for all experiences in life.
    5)  What has bondage modeling taught you about yourself and other people?
    I have learned so much about myself and others since joining this wonderful world of bondage modeling. Mostly great things as everyone has their particular skills and loves, and no one is the same. I also learned that communication couldn’t be more important than ever. I also learned that I can’t read anyone’s mind, so I still insist on asking what is expected of me before a shoot starts. Trust, trust trust…Oh and since 14 years ago, I learned that I like teaching and mentoring others who need some guidance without getting hurt, whether its in the business or the lifestyle. I don’t claim to know everything, nor will I ever, but I do think with my experiences, the least I can do is help others learn what they like or dislike and introduce them to other trusted friends. I love seeing the expression on their face when something is experienced for the 1st time. Seeing someone smile and hearing them laugh is the best feedback I could ever get.
    6)   Are you very selective about with whom you work?  How do you decide who to model for or with?
    This is interesting because my answer is different now than it was 14, 10, 5, 2 years ago.
    The evolution of my bondage career has taught me so much. At the beginning and even today, I work with new producers as I love to show them that I don’t bite and there’s no reason to be nervous, but I also enjoy teaching them certain aspects they may have not learned yet, like how to put the duct tape on their jeans before over the mouth (I don’t require that but it’s handy to know), to safety mmpphs if gagged, to giving them notice of how much longer I can stay in a position instead of “needing out now.” I get the comment, “Wow, so this is what it’s like to work with a professional model.” I’m humbled when I'm told this since honestly, it all comes so natural. I'm not trying to be someone I'm not with my head in the clouds or cocky with an attitude.
    I do love working with people I’ve met years ago as well. I’m not sure if I can say I'm selective who I work with, but I will say that I only work with those that I get along with when the camera is off. This is different as because I make the majority of my money as a producer. Modeling for and with friends is important to me and so much fun as well.  
    7)  You’ve done some traveling in recent years. What has been the most interesting place you’ve visited?
    Yes, I have traveled a bunch in the last 7-8 years. I'm humbled to have been invited to Boundcon, Munich , Germany on several occasions, Vienna , Austria , Berlin , Germany . Being able to do a trampling session in Australia was priceless and doing bondage in Spain and creating art in Canada to working with HouseOfGord in Washington . I really can’t pinpoint which place was the most interesting because each place has been unique and wonderful. I really just feel very lucky to be able to travel and I never take for granted that life is short and I need to appreciate everything and every place at every moment. I've taken a personal holiday to New Zealand and I must say, I need to visit again. Camping on the heated ground (from the underground thermals) was something I will never forget. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro was also a personal highlight that I could tell so much more about. Life is too short not to travel to say the least!
    8)  What is the most interesting place that you’ve done a bondage shoot?
    Interesting bondage shoot location…lets see..I will try to list them in no particular order as there is no way I can pick just one place.
    I was suspended by Juliet Heart to a canon in the Pacific North West, Puget Sound …publicly..even had a non-kinky guy help be the watchman. On a public footpath again in the PNW...having to keep putting clothing back on when horse riders and bike riders kept coming by. Tied to trees on an island off of KeyWest and in the Gulf of Mexico . Bound to active railroad tracks. Tied in the back of a bowling alley to the machines as people were bowling. Oh, I know I’m forgetting some, but I do think every place I’ve been bound is an interesting place!
    9)  You’ve done a fair amount of outdoors bondage work.  Has shooting outdoors ever backfired on you to the point where people saw you and complained?
    Outdoor shoots are my favorite for a few reasons and the chance of getting caught is part of the thrill for me. As mentioned above, this is what makes it interesting..and when the public can be present and not backfire, it’s even better.
    My most unique experience of the thrill going above and beyond what I ever thought was when I was binding my dear friend Karinne to the railroad tracks in my small little town. Keep in mind, the train doesn’t even run every day but these still are working tracks. A journalist pulls up, starts taking then he comes up to us asking who we are and what we are doing. No problem.  I just didn’t know what we told him would be on the front page of the papers the next day with the headline “Dr. Doolittle Would’ve Been Proud”. So, as the media does so well, he didn’t share what we told him, but made up his own story. But the 1st line of the article stated: “The accusations of a woman tying up another woman to the railroad tracks was true.” This was what was called into the police by a passerby and we got to meet two very attractive men in uniform. They were very nice and I even told them I have a uniform fetish and the first thing the officer said was, “Ok..I charge $300/hr.”  So yes, the policeman were so very cool and even said next time, “Don’t tie up your girlfriend so close to the crossing and maybe put a sign on the car saying production in progress.” It’s the media that really blew it for me and got it all wrong – all for the read.
    My other story doesn’t involve bondage, but balloons as my neighbors assumed it was shots fired, but that time I got to meet many more local cops but no media coverage. Just a funny memory. But I’ll spare you the details since I suppose I am to stick to the topic of bondage.
    10)  Who have not yet worked with that you want to work with? 
    Who have I not worked with that I want to.  Right off the top of my head, Restrained Elegance, BondageCafé, MetalBondage, and after this past weekend I have acquired two new “want to work with” and that is Insex. Yup. I had the chance to get bound my Matt Williams at Boundcon and holy moly, I want more of his rope to say the least. SeriousBondage seems like a bunch of fun too.
    11)  What do you think are the best and worst aspects of being a bondage model?
    Oy Vay…let’s see.
    Tricky tricky…worst: the fact that because we are the “face” when it comes to the “bdsm” lifestyle but then some that model only do it for the money, not the love of being bound.
    The social pressure of feeling like you have to be skinny minny, big boobed, flat stomach to be a model. I get some very strange looks when I simply say I’m a model since I don’t fit into that model “mold”. When I say I’m a fetish model to a vanilla person, the assumption that I get whipped, f*cked, and/or bloodied and such really bothers me but also gives me a chance to educate them on how this isn’t true and how there is so much more to being a bondage model than what they see on TV / movies. The social and cultural stigma of bondage and fetish really needs to be improved.
    Best: the fact that if you are comfortable in your body and ok with being who knows where online, anyone can be a fetish model. The fact that if you stick with it, love it, and don’t cause drama or bring drama into your work or life for that matter, the fetish family I have is so priceless. I have made so many friends all over the world and I feel like a billionaire because of this. This is why FetishCon and Boundcon are very important to me. It’s a huge wonderful family reunion that I never want to end. You can be who you want and everyone is so accepting. Conversations are amazing and not limited when talking of bondage and kink unlike in the vanilla world, even mentioning duct tape to them doesn’t mean the same thing as it does me. They do wonder why I smirk…lol
    12)  Your website used to have a combination of still images and videos, but now it appears to be exclusively comprised of video.  What prompted you to eliminate bondage and fetish photography from the site?
    My website did begin with sets of photos as updates, but as technology improved and more and more fans of my work found me, and changing hosting companies and such, I realized videos are more conducive to making money than photos. I have so many photo sets that are not available anymore, but just collecting dust on my hard drive, but since I honestly don’t know what my fans what to see, I will stick with videos that I can post at a variety of places and hope that’s what they like. The other thing is that fans order custom videos much more than custom photoshoots, in turn giving me more videos to post than photo sets.
    13)   Is there a shoot you have not done yet that is on your "bucket list"?  If yes, please tell us what it is.
    I think I covered this question in #10, but I would like to do more water bondage and, more specifically, with Lew Rubens. I have yet to have the privilege to combine the both with him but knowing his experience and the safety factor, this is something that has been on my personal bucket list.   
    14) What are the tattoos you have?  And do they have any special significance?
    Tattoos..oh tattoos…not a simple or short answer to this one. Ill start with the ones I haven’t covered up or edited.
    My first tattoo was on my right shoulder blade of a small green lizard. When I was 16, me and a girlfriend got the same tattoo to signify our friendship but, of course, life changed courses and all we have left is our tattoos of the great times we had together.
    As for the lizard on my left shoulder blade, I actually don’t remember when or why I got it, other than I liked lizards. Little did I know when I got these two lizard tats that I would eventually life in Florida where similar lizards are crawling everywhere. Fate maybe, or maybe not.
    Now onto my tats that have been edited/covered up.
    I tattooed a cartoon inchworm on my foot, as I was dating a tattoo artist and since I had the chance, I wanted to pick a spot that if I messed up, it wouldn’t be seen, so I chose the right top of my foot to give myself a tattoo. I could not believe how much it hurt, but I did it (wearing socks over it hurt like hell). Then 5ish years later, I felt stable in life, so I decided to have a friend give my inchworm a home instead of floating around my foot, so now my worm has mushrooms as a home. Between the toes, Oh my, hurt so much! But this is one of my favorite tattoos still today.
    One my left arm, I had a small tribal-like design, but years later, I got it covered up with a bigger more clear colorful tattoo. I do wish colors stayed longer, I think it’s soon time to get it brightened up.
    Now, onto my most recent addition. I had a flaming bold black lined whatnot on my back. Silly me told the tattoo artist to look at my website and put what he thought would represent FaythOnFire the best without something clearly fetish. Hell if I know what it was other than a flaming something. After years of being asked what it was and unable to answer them, in late 2015, I started working on covering it up with an entire back piece. It was to be finished in April but looks like I have at least one more session that it needs to be completed. I interviewed a few artists before hand, but the man I found was able to take all my ideas and incorporate them into one big piece. A tree of life, colorful flowers, water (I am a water sign) and a geisha girl. Geisha has my two lifes in one, she’s a performer and the word Geisha has my real name in it, so now at least I have a tattoo that no one should ask, what is it. This make me happy. 40+ hours of tattooing, I better be.
    15)  What is the kinkiest thing you've ever done off-camera?
    The kinkiest thing I’ve done off camera, hmm..the first memory from many years ago was when I was attending a kinky camping festival in Wisconsin and had to pee very very bad and I knew I couldn’t make it to the bathroom and the friend I was with also was in the same pickle. The guy we were hanging out with laid down on a picnic table and said, pee on me, and so she and I quickly stood above him and peed all over him. We just had to pee so badly, it didn’t matter other than we needed relief. When we looked down, he was so happy and in a moment of bliss. No, I don’t do P videos or sessions but this was very kinky for me but so natural too. I will never forget it.
    We all have different definitions of kinky, so maybe being suspended in the middle of the woods and having inchworms put on me was kinky and fun, or experimenting with my first needle play on my upper breast, realizing quickly that receiving needle play wasn’t my thing, to using a hitachi this past weekend in a bar with 42 people around knowing only one other person knew I had an orgasm. I could go on and on with kinky and great things I've done off camera.
    16)  How has the industry changed since you began your career as a bondage model?
    I think the industry has changed drastically since 14+ years ago. From primarily photos being the main thing to now videos, to many girls getting more and more plastic surgery to feel more confident to perform for others on camera. To what I call the “evolution of a fetish model” I have watched it time and time again. They start out with glamour then wrestling, then bondage, to hardcore bondage, then bam, porn..then they no longer do bondage since it doesn’t pay nearly as well as porn does. Then they go away and are never heard from again. The core “family” if you will that has been around since I started is getting smaller and smaller for different reasons, but it’s so good to have lifelong friends still in it with me. I can’t tell them enough how much I appreciate them.
    17)  When you're not working or traveling, what do you do for relaxation? 
    I don’t relax. Sitting still drives me nuts as I don’t watch TV nor is it easy for me to even sit down to watch a movie. This is a big reason why I love bondage. It’s forced relaxation but even then, as you may know, even then I don’t stay still very well  ;)
    But I do like this question as I think no other model does what I do for fun. I am a Civil War Re-enactor. No, I don’t dress up as a fancy big skirted petticoat lady either, but instead I wear wool pants, carry my 1853 Enfield and I march with the boys to battle during the winter season. I bite off the tube with black powder in it, load my gun and get chills every time we get the company to all fire at once. Faking death on the ground with canons firing, making the earth shake beneath me and horses running by is so flippin thrilling. My other family is my reenacting family. It’s a very expensive hobby, but it’s such a great time no matter how cold it gets at night. There's nothing like sleeping on the ground under an A-frame tent and waking up at 0700 to Reveille (reminds me of my four years in the Air Force, I suppose).
    When I’m not forced to dress in Civil War attire, I love camping modernly in proper tents and enjoying the outdoors. I will do anything to set up at least one of my seven hammocks somehow, somewhere. I have a hammock fetish I think  ;)
    I am a mother to a 13 year old son and he is my life, my sole, my heart. Can’t put it more bluntly than that! My cat and dog are what make me smile too! My kid, my dog, my cat all can make me laugh even when I’m not in the greatest of moods. I love that.
    Recently life handed me a bit of a challenge as my mom is battling cancer. I'm lucky enough to live 20 minutes from her, so I have been doing everything in my power to help her all I can through her Chemo and fighting to win this battle. I never wanted to learn so much about cancer but well, it is what it is and I'm grateful I'm here to help her all I can. I never thought in my life I would have to shave her head, but luckily instead of us both crying during it, we were laughing and having fun.
    Other than those precious things, me and my partner require socialization so we frequently ride our motorcycles and visit the local pu

  • My Smiles this Fall 2015! (November 11, 2015)

    I had a great time in Europe at 2 different fetish events (Venus Fair & BoundCon Austria) and was so wonderful catching up with friends i don't see often enough and making new friends too. I could spend hours typing here on how each day went, not 1 boring day, or well, the day after the convention..My body wouldnt allow me to move from bed..and I had the most glorious McDonalds chicken sandwish of my life that same day..Ive never said that before but damn..i was hungry. I smiled each day, laughed and laughed and laughed until i cried until the wee morning hours. What a beautiful experience it all was.  JJ Plush & Tony, Rija & Afsana,

    Oh and my girl Cobie from Australia.  Funny May of this year at Boundcon Munich, our actual 1st hour we ever met eachother, talked to eachother.."Hi my name is...., 15 minutes later we are sharing a Lew Rubens double girl ball we are swapping spit and gagged as close as you can get without actually kissing. Then 15 minutes later we are both orgasming in front of photographers at the customs photo shoot...Well, shit..its lovely to meet you too Cobie!

    So then 5 months later we are lucky enough to share a hotel room with eachother for practicly 2 weeks straight.  Huh..well, she is one cool ass chick! Thats all there is too it..we had so many laughs together..Fanstatic gal!

    Anyhoo, Andreas with the all mighty tight ass wonderful zipties!  He is the only one that has put zipties, sisal rope, nylon even tighter than anyone before..I itch for it..Its been 2 weeks..and im itching for some tight ass bondage...altho please dont assume i would let just anyone do these extreme ties with me..this takes trust, connection, and personal friendship..Its so much more fun this way for both partys, even when filming..fuck the camera and have a great time!

    Oh..writing long will you last:)


    It was so awesome to have Sandra Silvers, Ruth Cassidy and Ben nearby much of the time..we live so close personally that its just so cool to share experiences with good friends! I wish more could! Just one more thing we can chitchat about..How lovely!

    More on Rija & Afsane..I have a crush, on both! Rija ties tight tight tight and well, shes beautiful, so who wouldnt want rope and her touching you at the same time..oh and forced orgasms are simply stunning with her holding the wand on stage in front of hundreds watching..Now thats some crazy energy to share..wonderful crazy awesomeness!

    Afsana likes balloons, afsana likes balloons...makes me happy.."was ist das?" Oh... her and i had a very judgemental experience from a fellow fetishest of leather and such..and i guess she just doesnt understand that when we/I pop balloons, it makes me happy and WOOHOOOyy..its just great fun with more smiles! So "was ist das" is my take away fun german phrase from this experience..there forsaying it to everything..funny like.. 

    she that happened to burst my bubble and i didnt play with any more balloons for 9 days kinda hurt my feelings ..but at the end of the BoundCon Austria I had 2 virgin blowers and poppers to join me in one of the best 3 girl balloon energy girls thrilled and ear to ear grin..fanstatic!  To blah on the sourpuss judemental one!

    So yeah..and i could really type story after story of other things that were fantastic like the several excape challenges with Pling, Cobie, solo (just me), Delona, No english riggers, and team escape..thats hard! 

    Vesta & Mike I wouldnt be there without their guys are AWESOME!

    Dressing as a superhero/villion mostly..abducting girls and fondling all of them.i reeeeaaalllyyy didnt mind! Im very lucky!

    Oh, i wore a latex catsuit for 2 days..and went swimming in it.  I NEED one! Thats all there is to it! MUST GET!

    The British bunch made the trip oh so wondeful too...laughs smiles and more laughs all the time!

    Vienna was beautiful! Saw St Stephens Church, Opera House, Dancing horses, and had coffee at the starbucs in front of this foutain beside this beautiful marble arched building! Mozarts Grave too.

    Oh i suggested we go to the oldest amuzment park in europe..thanks rikko. but since it was funtional, Richard, Vesta, Talina had me ride the feris scared shitless of heights, but i survived!!! woohoo! it was worth it!

    Berlin was unique..Brandwenburg Bridge, where the wall once stood and even bought a piece of the wall:)

    writing mood is ending..

    On more personal realms...

    Im playing a co-ed softball team which is alot of fun!

    I've gotten into golf and even have my own clubs and "faythonfire" printed golfballs;)

    My civil war reenactment season starts this weekend. This is a very fun but expensive hobby and I really look forward to sitting by the fire, cooking all meals over it and fighting side by side with the boys with my 1853 Enfield musket;)  I do like getting dirty and this hobby sure itches that itch:)

    Ive been a mom now for 13 years..he is now taller than me and more WWE wrestling w him..i get my butt handed to me everytime i try!


    Life is so grand for me in all aspects esp. in the love category.  I do think i found the perfect lover..he supports me fully and is a really good bad guy when i need one for videos..Gosh such a good bad guy:)

    Oh and his British accent makes me melt too;) Oh and his cooking..well, dont expect me to be skinnyminny when i do love to eat good home cooked food!

    anyhoo...Life is grand and I hope it is for each of you reading this..i've realized patience is so important and dont lose hope or Fayth;) It will all work out in the end!








    Next trip is next week to PA for Thanksgiving and planning a trip to Detroit in it when plans work out so fast!


  • Fall Faythful Update (August 24, 2015)

    What a ride this summer has been.  My last post was before i left for Germany and Spain..WOW..what a spectacular time i had there.  Got bound by some of the best of the best to include Damon Pierce, Rain D'Grey & Elise Graves.  I am honored to have the opportunities i do and to work with these folks and so many others.  What an amazing adventure to say the least!

    While in Spain, i endured not just one of  tightest of tight ziptie bondage and well, i want more..This is a bind i don't trust just anyone to do to me, so thank you Andreas from to help me realize not only can i handle it, but actually enjoy being bound so tight, i barely can blink..What an amazing headspace i get into when i cant struggle or move a finger! It takes trust to say the least.


    Speaking of trust...I want to share with you a recent interview i did with DS lifestyle Mag. I cover lots of topics to include what is it about balloons i like and i go into detail about how I am a true switch and my perspective on my lifestyle and actions i lead and love. This interview is very honest and true to who i am so i hope you enjoy hearing more of who i am and what I'm about in this world of BDSM.  Trust is a big part of it!

    Feel free to ask me any questions!


    I have been filming a lot of custom requests and loving every moment.  Each are so different and unique there is no way i can get bored of creating these works of art just from someones writing/fantasy.  This is what has been keeping me busy while not traveling. Don't ever hesitate to ask me to see if i can make your fantasy come to life in a video or pictures.


    Fetishcon just passed and i got to work with some wonderful people, new and old and im so grateful to have that chance to show them a bit of Fayth and how i struggle like no other in bondage;)

    Here's a little snippet of the fun I had with another Kitty and Bernie the Bondage Bunny too:) Being anonymous is amazing at times and being a brat is even more fun;)


    I have been graciously invited to attend Venus Fair in Berlin & Boundcon in Vienna, Austria in October.  If you are nearby, i love to meet you and say hi.  I don't bite unless permission is given;)


    to be honest, I'm so humbled that after 13 years of doing bondage modeling and then moving on to having my own production company (but of course still getting happily bound) that folks still see that i am still so passionate about what i do, love what i do and love each experience.  I'm not in this to get rich, gosh no..but i have realized my happiness makes me happy, not dollar bills.  Its amazing when you realize you are able to do something you love and are passionate about, life is f*cking grand!  You couldn't pay me enough to get out of this wonderful life/business i have built and love.  


    Thank you ALL for the support through the last 13 + years..You all are amazing and I thank you for everything, even if its just a message saying HI.  I hope I have brought each of you a smile like you have done for me!


    Now IF you haven't checked out my links lately, you are missing a bunch of great stuff!

    This is where everything is to include hundreds and hundreds of bondage & balloon videos for 1 really cheap monthly price and of course free pics & vids & even an option to buy my old shoes, gags, inflatables, balloon shards, etc.. is where i have every video of all assortments of fetishes that you can purchase individually.  Enjoy browsing the pages, cause i know i even tilt my head & say to each there own at times..


    If you are on fetlife..request to be my friend..i post lots of free pictures not posted anywhere else here..Of course im smiling and having a blast! Many shoots im hired for, pictures & videos are also posted here too:


    Twitter: well, good place to see my perverted thoughts & pictures too:)


    I think that covers everything, now its time to get ready to film more customs with some Amazing woman!


    Thank you dearly & Keep the Fayth!




    Fayth On Fire


  • Happy Spring Ahead!! (March 12, 2015)

    So that lil ear infection I mentioned my last post..well, turned out to be something pretty serious..and i had to get major ear surgery a week im on another little medical vacation..or well..what that means is a heck of alot of computer work is caught up and updates are being posted and editing is being done of all the fun things ive been filming that last several months.  I still have content from 2009 that need theres no shortage of awesomeness coming to you.

    Im leaving for a week in London at the end of March and working with a few cool people and doing dom sessions and even meeting some fellow looner fans.  Oh do we have going to be blowing up balloons all over London..I cant wait!

    Customs are going to be filmed afterwards when I get home then off to Seattle to shoot and hang out with Juliet Heart and she is going to show me the wonderful state ofWashington and Vancouver Island...So exciting..who knows what debauchery we will get into together!

    Then Ill be home for less than 3 weeks before i head back to Munich, Germany for my 5th visit to Boundcon...What an honor it is to be invited repeatedly..i guess i still got it..and will prove it non the less!  I might have a bit more meat on my bones but that wont change the way i can get tied and the way i will live up to my imfamous struggling performances on stage!

    Then off to Spain for a couple weeks of fun in the sun with bondage and balloons..I sure love hanging out with Yvette Costeau..she is so wonderful and sexy!

    Feel free to email me any ideas or questions you have for me..I do love hearing from you all!




    Fayth On Fire


  • What a Great 1st month of 2015! (January 24, 2015)

    Ive been filming alot and really enjoy all the customs I have been asked to do.  

    Ive worked with a new young girl named Gemma Nicole..Wow, she is cute as could be!!

    Ive filmed with my girl Arielle Rose.  She is very local to me and is one of the most dependable most excited to work with me.  She is up for most anything and seems to love all the crazy things I ask her to do and willing to come back for me..Love it!

    I also finally got to work with my ol girlfriend that moved away several years ago, Kinky Karinne.  I missed her so much and she is such a great actress and person.  I really enjoy the fact that she hasnt let her move change her outlook on life and she is the fun and awesome girl i met years ago.  She's even considering moving back to Florida...It would be so nice to work with her more and more like we used too!  We sure have chemistry..yum!!

    I will be working with another new girl here soon named Vicky Vixxx.  Should be fun!

    Ive been nursing or well, ignoring an ear issue for the last 4 months but i finally got it looked at and well, inner ear infections suck but luckily i got meds and seems to be doing the trick.

    The customs I have been filming to include my first tentacle orgasm with a fake octopus, to foot stomping/hopping, to nose-clip elbow bondage to belly button torture and ass matches and all the pending ones im filming next week to include blowing and popping 200 balloons, bury me and tickle my feet.  ( i hope the forestry deptarment doesnt give us another, a tapes and tightly gagged snotty realitor script, and more are coming in.

    I love how I am able to create these videos and always get awesome feedback.  I really do love what I do and I do think its clear Im loving it!

    Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to creating more videos for you!






  • The VERY end of 2014.. (December 29, 2014)

    Im feeling much better than my last blog post here..and I really appreciate those that did respond to my request for feedback of any kind.  

    All I know is that I have had one of the best years of my life this year with all the places I have traveled, people I got to meet, and all the wonderful people here that have supported me through out the years of my fun and exciteing antics! 

    In the last 12 years, I have changed looks, styles, video cameras, homes, and so much more.  All of these things have helped me grow into a better person and really i just am honored to be able to be writing this, posting videos, and doing what I love to do so much!

    Thank you all for helping me have the best year of my life...NOW, Lets try to beat that and have 2015 kick even more ass!!!  Whos with me??


    Much love, peace and happiness and most of all, dont lose Fayth!!




    Humbly Yours

    Fayth On Fire

  • The end of 2014 (December 10, 2014)

    Its been a while..but its that time to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome another kick ass year.  Im really not sure how I will beat it but seems that anything is possible.  

    Here are some thoughts ive had lately in no particular order.

    Who actually reads my blog?  I know its available to the public for free without being a member but really who reads what i have to say or what i think?

    do you care where i travel, what keeps me busy, or do you just want another good update and more free stuff and thats it?

    Kinda goes along with the stories i write to go along with my videos..I really spend alot of my time and engergy writing the perfect description and story to go along with the videos but really, are you actually reading them or just clicking on the preveiws and such wanting to see, not read?

    Lately i have been entering once again into the world of reading books and it feels great to buy them and read them and expereicne the stories but really..IF your not a reader, do you really care what i have to write? OR is it something I should care about at all and write what i want and just hope and cross my fingers hoping you are enjoying what I am writing, just like I enjoy reading what others write?

    Maybe its my education trying to pop its head out and stay fresh or maybe its my passion for wanting to learn and never stop learning..i just love learning everyitbng i can.  maybe i dont retain it, maybe i do..but i sure love listening, reading, learning, and taking it what others feel, see, and have learned themselves.

    Just a rant..really..i would love your feedback IF you are actually reading what i care to share.


    What do you want to see from me?  Shall i make changes?  What changes?  I will always continue to do what i love and enjoy but how can i help you?

    I have realized in the last few years that i am passionate about talking with others about coming out of their shell esp when it comes the whatever particular fetish they have.. I will not judge, i will not run, but i will listen and help you explore options as much as i can.  Shall i consider myself a life coach? A motivational fetish enthusiast? How can I do that when I dont know what you want, expect from me?

    I know this sounds differant than my usual "this is what i have been up to lately" posts but come on..i can tell you I have been to timbucktoo but do you really care?  Please tell me!


    I have been handing out lighters with on them for years but i have heard several times, OH can i have another one..i dont smoke, but everytime i open my junk drawer up, i see them...well, thats not the point of them..lose them..drop them..leave them know who i am..strangers dont..just not sure if i should do this anymore. I love using it at my business card..much better than a peice of cardboard that gets stored or thrown away but really..if its sits in your junk drawer, its just as unusful.  Just saying.

    I have bumperstickers...and damn it, they cost alot of money too..but what do folks do with them? If you want one, I will send one to you IF you promise to put it where others will see it;) 

    I am revamping this website really soon..will it help, hinder, or do no good whatsoever in sharing what i love lvoe love to do!

    I very recently got golf balls with on them.  IF you are actually reading this far..i should send you one..but again..if you are not a golfer..what good does it do for you? maybe a gag...that is a good idea..i think..


    There are 2 friends that i know read know who you are..and i really appreciate it and i actually dont think you are members..but thats ok too..I just wish i had the magic button to understand why some dont join or why you wont ever.  

    Will any changes in my marketing strategy help?  Or be ignored or even be looked at as annoying?

    I sure wish I had the answers but i guess thats what any self employed person wishes for..the answers..

    I dont wish to get rich..I just wish for more feedback..other are love to tye you up..Did you know that you could tye me up?  really?  I love meeting fans and like-minded folks..LOVE IT!  Dont be me!

    Writing this blog is on my "todo" list all the time but obviously i dont get to it but every now and then..but i guess I am asking for you to enjoy me, who I am, what I love, and even my lil rants and bitches and moans.  

    I am on twitter more than ever now as per one request from a good friend and fan.  I sometimes think that is a waste too BUT i love sharing and I love that its free.  But again..when I ask questions..its as if Im ignored and could care less about.  But I guess thats just part of this game...trying to make a living off of what I enjoy is not easy.  No one ever said it would be.


    Since I have started in the business 12 years ago. I have changed looks, body size, and attitude but i think only for the better. But any woman in a "modeling" business, gaining weight is hard on the really is.  I know the big ass fans are in love, but my muscle fans are gone, the short hair fans are dwindling.  The muscle worship folks have went elsewhere.  This is me..and its all I got.  I hope you contineu to enjoy my passion and my love for sharing!


    For my handful of members and others that just so happened to run across my site by help of word of mouth, lighters, bumperstickers, or even golfballs..THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS!

    Please dont hesitate what you think, what you wish for, or what I might be missing.  I really treasure feedback and take all suggestions and comments to heart! good or bad!


    With all that said..

    Please enjoy this holiday season, avoid the stores if you hate Hug your parents cause they wont be there forever, hug your kids cause damn it they grow up too fast!  and ENJOY YOUR SELF NOMATTER WHAT!!


    Whatever you do, Keep the Fayth!!



    Fayth On Fire

  • Ah...Back in the US. for the summer.. (May 21, 2014)

    Got back a few weeks ago from a 3 week trip to Norfolk, Norwich, United Kingdom.  It was such a great relaxing trip..unlike new Zealand.  We had very few  plans and i loved it.  I ate so much differant food over there..,.but breakfast was my favorite...simply put, a full English was a great way to start every day out..I am in love with mushrooms with my eggs and bacon and sausage and fry bread.  Not to keen on the tomatoes or beans...but heck, it was still yummy.

    We knew that my usual American crappy beer would not be over there but i sure found some great replacements.  Carlsburg was my beer of choice and crabbies ale was my sweeter choice..depending on the day and weather.  Went on 2 pubcrawls in Norwich, first one we visited and drank at 11 pubs and the 2nd one..visited 14 every moment of it:)

    I could go on about the trip but really it was just what i be with someone i enjoyed and didnt get mad at or irritated but just had lots of laughs and fun times and i even made clay mushrooms..i mean..the last time i did that was 16 years

    Walked 10 miles in London and saw soooo much but my highlight was all the bones on the edge of the Themes River...very interesting!

    So got home, and spent some quality time with my lil man and then 5 days later, off to Toronto i went for 5 days.  I worked with my girl Tomiko and A.R. Tiste and we created some wonderful videos and unique storylines.  I dressed up in so many awesome costumes.  I love when i can call what i love work..,but still sounds so negative..i just love my job, espeically when i get to work with such great people!!

    So now that i am home from Toronto and well, all my trips, its time i actually get into some sort of routine.....for the first time since well..almost 5 years ago before college routine should consist of filming, emails, emails, editing, editing, updating, updating, emails and then well, lunch...oh and then take the rest of the day off....tehe..  or atleast that is my goal:)  Not too shabby for a college


    I cant wait to film more custom requests.  Seems I enjoy doing them the most. From the first email to the 10 more emails to ensure I visualize just what they are to filming it, to editing it just perfectly and then sending it off...and getting the feedback.  Wow, I sure have gotten some wonderful feedback lately and well, for years now.  So i think I will keep this up and making fantasies come to life on video.  What an artform that I feel I am good at;)


    Till next time, stay creative, dont judge, and realize that we all have a fetish, some just may have not realized what theirs is yet...exploration is a wonderful thing!






  • back to the Grind...Fayth Style.. (February 21, 2014)

    So much to talk about and so i remember let me summerize..month off..awesome trip, move, missed flight, found love.., lets see what the long version

    So after reading my "after college" writing in my last blog i realized that my college lingo and vocab was still with me..well, Im back to my misspellings and using the wrong words and all:) 

    So once that last class happened and i attended my graduation ceremony..and realizing i was only a hand full of thousands of fellow graduates to earn the Summa Cum Laude acheivement (over a 3.8 GPA), i realized my hard work was worth it..and insisting i get A's in everything was worth it and not easy..the girls sitting beside me were even asking me how the hell i did it..really..hard work and committment sums it up.  if i set my mind to not only going to do it..Im going to do it to the best of my ability as i proved to myself i can and did.  I kinda miss the routine of knowing what i will be doing next week but most deffinitly dont miss the silly papers i had to write and endless research i had to do..but then brain is missing being challenged and learning. So i do think I am going to get my head wrapped around getting my Masters degree.  Again, not for a job but just so i can be called A master and have earned it..and not beat it out of some subs ass:)  I mean Master is also a Goddess...right?  hehe..whatever my motivation is..right?

    So I had a month off before leaving for my big trip and i took well advantage of it..and did very little and partied alot.  I had to figure out how to pay my bills all a month ahead and update all my stuff month ahead..which was very time consuming and hard but of course i did it;) 

    I also met a very wonderful man. Oh i have to tell you a story..

    So he "wasnt" too kinky before i met i pretty much introduced him to the fact that i love being bound and not only for the camera but watcvhing TV over night whenever in public if we decided to test his rigging talents out.  We used one of the houses he is working on flipping since its old and creepy but just a great unique place to shoot.  So he ties me up using neck ties..can you beleive i have never been tied up with ties...thats crazy i anyways..he ties me up great..i cant escape...darn it..and we get a good video from it (to be posted in the near future) and all is well.  so a few days later we find out the history of this home and discover that the previous owner of the house was murdered in it..Okay creepy but then the further we researched..the more we learned that he too was kinky and liked his bondage..woohoo..perfect home..BUT i guess his partner that he had over wasnt too proficient in bondage and ended up killing him with a neck tie bondage scene...he fled but now is in prison..but holey moley..we so didnt know that this happened when we did our first bondage together with the ties in this crazy is that?  so yeah..steve is a cool ghost and he is happy that we are using his house just the way he would if he was still alive..

    cruel but cool story in a way...right?? along with that i am learning things about remodeling a home..even filming me in my heals and topless doing all sorts of destruction and construction.  I do love getting dirty!! 

    I have taken on the role of for-woman..not forman..i am woman and I am sorting out the quotes and the projects..admin stuff is what the military trained me to oranization is my expertise and im enoying learning what a 25 year, 3-tap shingles with TPO really my brain isnt quite bored..,learning things i never thought i would and i love it!  tomorrow i am using my first nail gun...OH

    So I got back almost 2 weeks ago from a bucket list kinda trip. Since this is a public a way..i cant say all that i feel about how the trip went..other than if you ever pick to travel with someone...make sure you get along with them, like them, can deal with them, are okay with dealing with the small things that they do that annoy only you (and hosts), and are simply on the same page with life and sanity. because if you dont..the trips memories will be based on bitching about them and not the great times and awesome scenery that was there...BUT now that i got that out..i will say that New Zealand is a stunning place to go to..both islands..just make sure you have enough time and money to not have to worry about stuff.  Oh and i drove 2300 miles (3500kilemeters) because i wouldnt let her drive for a few reasons..and BTW..i hate yeah..i took most of my pictures from the van.  But soon i will post in the free pics sections several pictures of wonderful backgrounds and scary places i went too and of course im holding my infamous Faythonfire banner:)  Some of the awesome things I did while in New Zealand was went tubing in 46 degree water in caves and caverns to see glow worms (its actually bug poop that glows to attract other insects to eat)  not an actually worm. Had to jump off backwords off of waterfalls too..super scary and thrilling too.  I started smoking again on this trip at this point...oops. Um, her and I did the Flying Fox at Gravity Canyon and flew 180 meters down between a canyon at 100mph...super freakin scary..but did it!!  10 minutes later there was an we werent hanging on the line when that happened .

    Then the next day she had to bungee jump but had to wait hours for it to happen..waiting isnt my fortay thats for sure.  I couldnt and wouldnt do it..just not worth fainting just to walk on the platform..nope..not at all. 

    We camped at the most amaizing campsites..along coast lines, at top of mountains and drove on some scary roads with cliffs to one side and rock walls to the stuff! 

    I went white water rafting down the highest grade river a business can take tourist..went down a 21 foot waterfall and didnt fall out...woohoo;)

    i now know i must do more white water rafting. it was my favorite thing i did on this 27 day trip.

    We also did  a canopy tour in the trees..again super scared of heights but i did it and proud of myself for doing it.  I even had my camera in one hand taking selfies and 1 handed scared shitless me...yup..i did it and had a blast!

    What else..oh once we arrived at the camps..i set up my tent, i cooked, i cleaned and tore down camp..and yes..i did travel with someone..but umm..i got the "privledge" of doing all that too...thank goodness im pretty good at cooking over a propane coleman oven and actually like camping..i froze my ass off in the tent while she slept in the sleeper van..but my favorite camp was where the thermal pools were and the ground was actually was nice!! 

    Then we flew to Sydney and stayed with a friend I have worked with before..and he showed us around the area to mountains to awesome look outs to wonderful beautiful beaches..i even got buried for a custom at one of them..what a blast!!  The sun is soooo strong some sunburn most days! 

    and other things out of order that i enjoyed..partying with a few folks from the hostil we stayed at ..did a pubcrawl with them and had a blast..i sure love meeting new people.  Hostils are great for that.

    I got a speeding ticket in new zealand..(just got the email the other day) was going 7km over the speedlimit which is 4.35 mph over and have to pay 30 bucks plus fees and well, i guess since i was the driver i get to pay it..

    I met a guy from the UK named Will that gave me a new plan for when i retire..i am going to travel...simply travel and explore..why stay put when there is so much to see!!  Thanks Will!

    I also will be going back to New Zealand and Austalia so i can see all that i missed with someone that i travel better with.  simple as that.

    Driving on the left hand side of the road was hard at first but after 2 days of saying out loud..stay left, stay left stay left..i got the hang of it..ten coming back to the US i had to say...stay right stay

    The sand at the beaches in australia is like powder and i didnt see hardly any "fat" people..even the kids were buff and fit..just amazing.

    Oh,,i love custard pies..even Mcdonalds had them there:) 

    I love their meatpies too..all flavors! 

    Oh and in Australia..cigerette were 20 NZ dollars a pack..a 6 pack of beer was 18.00 and well, everything is expensive..

    and lastly I LOVE THEIR BACON..i have finally had the best bacon NZ and AUS!  i must find more!!  its like a porkshop sliced thin but tastes like bacon..just YUMMY!!


    So other than that..that lead me to get home and have a hard time with jetlag for 3 days..i was way off..15 hours off..but once that was coped with...i had to pack up my stuff where i was living an move in 2 days...and do my taxes and of course spend as much time with my son as possible..i sure did miss him.  i even mailed him a box of rocks from all the places i went and was 125.00 to ship it but kinda was the price i had to pay for "free suvineers"  he hasnt opened yet..just got it the other day.  my bottle of wine even made it in one peice:) 


    and this bring me to now or well..the last day or so...

    I miss my very first flight..for no reason other than lollygagging and not realizing security would be so with that snaffu and paying 250 out of my pocket to try and earn some money in i am waiting till 3pm to start working..i am such a morning person that it will be a bit hard to get my energy level back up..i love coffee too..but he doesnt have any here:(  so here I am writing you and being lil miss

    so whats in store for me in the next few months..

    I will be attending 2 more civil war reannactments with my son..we both love them so technology and wool would be better with out the wool pants and sleeping on the ground in A-frame tents..but everyone there is doing it so we are not alone in our misery of itchy legs..and sore

    Then Im off to the United Kingdom for my first time to meet my mans family and work a bit too while im over there..Im excited for this trip..I will be with someone i love and can this should be an awesome experience. 

    I have been invited to go to Boundcon in Munich Germany again with Sandra Silvers but i think i must pass on this wonderful offer to spend as much of the summer with my son as possible.  We will be doing alot of camping and of course our annual Disney trip. 

    So until next time..keep the Fayth..just not in the U.S.A. :)


    Chow for now;)

  • The last 4 years - My Personal Reflection (on a coffee buz:) (December 6, 2013)

    Sitting here on a first friday that i dont have to go to the Library to work on a paper or attempt to escape noise and find wireless to be able to do homework. What a strange feeling., I told myself that if i am feeling bored or feel the need to feel productive then i need to write.  I need to write whatever comes to mind and whatever i feel or whatever this coffee buz allows.

    Yesterday was my last day of classes and of course i had to go have my typical Thirsty Thursday hydration session last night.  I swear, the later i get in, the more i drink, the earlier i get up..but anyhoo..

    I remember walking into my first classes at the community college 4 years ago..nervous, but exited about meeting new people, but soon realizing that because i was one of the older ones in all my classes the entire 4 wasnt about meeting new poeple, it was about exploring what others did and how they react to those that dont cater to everyday life or well, a introducing them to a new way of thinking..and living and that not everyone has to prescribe to the 9-5 rat race but can do whatever you want..but it was super hard for them to see this..we are so trained to just fit in and work, make money and spend money and talk about what we wish we could do instead of just doing seems fantasy is all people have verses the reality they make for themselves..but anyhoo..after my first class of public speaking and doing speaches about balloons and about the fact that everyone has a fetish..and having that professor shake my hand genuinly thanking me for being in his class really gave me the motivation to not talk within the comfortable limits of everyone but to always pick topics that i wanted to know more about and especially that shocked my audiance..If it wasnt for that public speaking class, i wouldnt have met the beautiful Mallory Skye that has worked with me since then.  I was actually going to tie her up in front of the class but my speech was already too long..i have so much to say about fetishes and how we just need to accept that we have them and that no one has the right to suppress them (like a lover or husband or wife or parents) if more people were comfortable expressing what they liked and what made them smile, the more happy people would be...i think.

    but I will always remember the nightmares algebra gave me. i had to start from pre-algebra, to algebra to college algebra then statistics in order to get my associates degree...statistics was nice..but fuck the X's, Y's Z's and what each mean when bla blablablabla..i swear the nightmares of X's, Y's and Z's flying around., zooming by my head and never stopping was an ongoing dream for almost 2 many tears and hours were spent on this but darn it..with a fellow veteran buddy and our mutual hate for the subject..helped so much..together we got it done..

    i was so greatful to earn my AA..i got 1 B in that timeframe and it was only due to the fact that i wanted to pack for my trip to Africa instread of taking a glad i had the choice. 

    I also met the best professor and now my mentor while at the community college.  if it wasnt for her, i would not have finished this degree nor persued was her that helped me realise i can do anything that i put my mind too...AND with the right support..and threat of a good ass beating..i can get my BA too.  Its amazing the power 1 person can have over another, if you just listen or well, want to listen.  And them not accepting no for an answer..Thank you Bridey!  now do i want to keep listening to her and work on getting my Masters..

    what will disapoint her and confuse most others is that i didnt get this degree to get a job, or to work towards a carreer or sit at a desk 9-5 but rather sit at a desk at 2am, 11pm, 9am, in my PJ"S!!  this is what i want to do..i want to hold my camera, edit my videos, email you, make scripts come to life and eventaully manage other girls that want to earn money by having fun.   I got this degree for me, for fun, and because i was and well, still am anticollege...i dont think a degree is needed to be happy nor make money..experience is key...not the fact that you learned how to play the college game.  but thats just my oppinion and well, its my blah on

    going to the University of South Florida was really the only option since i didnt want relocate and move away from my son.  It was a 50 mile one way drive to get to class. luckily i only had to do it 2-3 times a week..not 5..gosh..i wouldnt have done it if that was the case.  I thought i would get to meet more people in this huge 40,000 student college but again, i was as old as the professors, if not older and usually was the oldest in the class so i didnt relate to the sorrorioty life nor want too.  its the time each semester ended, most of my fellow students knew what i did/do for a living and i intrigued them but i dont fill them in at the beginning but really, i have this little secret agenda..they will see me on TV or watch one of the movies i will produce in the future and they will wish they got my autograph and got to know me..tehe..i know...its sounds conceaded but one term i like is self fulfilling profacy.  i think if i beleive it and do what i have to to set in action, itll happen eventually..

    did you know Steven Speilburg only recently got his BA degree..after producing some of the greatest movies...just saying;) coffee buz is wearing off..and quiet time has come to an im not sure how good of a reflection this is..but hey...ill be back...espceially since i dont need to go to the libary any more for school...WOOOHOOOO...  

    If you have any questions you want me to answer..just email me at and i may reply directly or i may post the answer here...who knows...:)  but nomatter, i will answer your email.





  • Happy Winter..or well.. (November 13, 2013)

    the coldest day in Florida so far this winter..i think it got down to 40 last


    I am trying (and succeeding) at avoiding homework at the moment, so what better way than to write to you all.  I have been really thinking hard on what I will be doing differantly once i graduate in a few weeks.  I am going to be getting out there bigger than ever, its just a matter of how.  I mean, social media, touring, filming a hell of a lot more, more free videos, more traveling, and well, just more fun work..but there is so much more to think how and what is the best way to do all those things.

    I am currently in the most interesting chapter of my life, all my shit is in storage and scattered at a few freinds places, whereever i decide to sleep. but really..i have always dreamt of being a gypsy or hippy but well, its not all that is cracked up to be to say the least.  yes, no rent, no mortgage..but do anything to call a place my own again.  Theres 1 reason why ive done i can buy a house..cant save money if paying rent..but well, its working but slowly..especially with insisting on getting A's..its super hard.

    but trying to stay chearful about this unique place im in..but as a mother..trying to be the best mother I can be...its sooo hard....but thats will all work out in the end.

    Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to just settle down, with a romantic partner and just be good with company..but aparently thats not the answer either.  No one can seem to keep up with me..but hell if i want to slow down either.

    Its so interesting, so many friends on facebook (not as Fayth), so many twitter friends (all FaythOnFire), on Fetlife..(as Faythonfire) and still havent found the guy or girl that can keep up..oh well...sorry..venting to myself..their loss i guess..not mine.

    But anyhoo..enough of the sad(ish) crap...

    im pretty damn proud of myself..i went into the military at 18.  Did my 4 years, did the family thing for 8, now conquering this Bachelors degree with almost a 4.0.  ive only gotten 2 B's in the last 4 years of my AA and BA.  so hell, im pretty smart too;)
      I ride a Harley as theropy and love my son unconditionally..what more could I want in life..Money is nothing, or well, sure wont make me happy in the end. 
    So now what..this 4 year degree veteran is going to conquer this world..yeah..that sounds great to me;)

    I am going to be visiting New Zealand and Australia in Jan and Feb as a graduation gift to myself. My girl Wenona is joining me..We had fun in Africa 3 years ago, and we will have a blast this time;)

    I plan on traveling around the US alot in 2014.  I wish i had a drivable RV so it would be easier but i got my hoopty van and a driver, so this should suffice.  So if you actually read this far..thank you!  If you are interested in doing a photoshoot with me or a wrestling session or even getting dominated by me, let me know since i may be traveling near you.  This is an awesome chance to have some Fayth. 

    Im super fun to hang with, and i pretty much gauruntee you will laugh and smile and have a great time nomatter what your kink is.

    Lastly, i want to thank those of you that have helped be brainstorm my next plan of action.  But if you any of you have suggestions, please please please dont hesitate to email me and let me know what you think on anything.  Whether it be about updating, ideas to shoot, places i should go, girls i should hire, or even bitch about something that you think i should know.  If it wasnt for you, my friends, and my supporters, i wouldnt be here,11 years after doing my very first posed wrestling shoot.  So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  You are awesome!

    Im also considering writing, maybe as a journalist, or maybe even a autobiography..but i dont know if anyone would care to read about my life.  I feel a bit conceaded about that, but any input would be awesome.


    Off to prepare for 2 presentations tomorrow..Then to drive up to PA with the family for Thanksgiving.  Tehe..i am also working a bit up there too...why the heck not;)


    Till next time.....keep the Fayth




  • Let the semester begin.. (August 23, 2013)

    and the books stay open and the papers be well written.  I am more excited about this final semester..Im taking some interesting classes and in December, I graduate..WOW!!  What a ride!!!  Updates will be every Tuesday & Thursday and every couple Saturdays nomatter how busy school has me..I promise!!!





  • New Free Vids (June 24, 2013)

    Click on the free vids link and watch what I recently got myself into with the beautiful Mallory.  What a great gal she is to work and play with!!

  • After Bound ConX (June 9, 2013)

    WOW wow WOW wow...what a great time I have had the last 3 weeks.  Thanks to Sandra Silvers I was able to make it to BoundconX and enjoy several days with her and the rope around her and I:) I got tied up on stage and for custom photo shoots and for the heck of it as well.  It was 3 very very long days at the kinkiest and biggest convention in Europe but then I went off to an awesomely huge house on the hills of Calpe, Spain.  There was 12 others with enjoying even more bondage, balloons, and of course many sangrias and paella and of course my most favorite spread Allioli...I love love love Allioli...i want to bath in too:) I would eat it on everything if I could!

    There are so many stories I could share and pictures to prove it but I will sit here in Germany my last day and actually do a bit of work and be a bit somber that I will be traveling 18 hours tomorrow headed back to reality....


    Thank you to Sandra Silvers, Ben, Andreas, Mike, Vesta, JJ Plush, Tony, Carissa, Nils, Sasha, Yvette, Rikko, Jojo, Niesy, Andrea, Lew, Drea, Julie and all the others that have my 4th year to Boundcon and Spain the best yet!!!

    Chow for now!



  • Wow, Happy St. Patty's Wknd (March 16, 2013)

    What a month..

    I dont think I have sat down since the last time I posted a blog.  I just got back from NYC and what fun it was.  I did dominix work and was a tourist the rest.  I sat in Katz Restuarant and "had what Sally Had" from "When Harry Met Sally".  I am having to write a paper on a concept or two of love that is in that movie so i figured since I was in the city, i had to fake an orgasm and get a free pistrami sandwich!  That was the best sandwich EVER!!!!! Other than that, spent way to much money on things I really didnt need but had a great time with a foot stompin custom fan as well as a superhero/harum video fan.  See, you too could be next hanging out with me in NYC;)

    But other than that, seems I have been busy with Civil War Reannactment every other weekend.  Gosh, do I love putting my hair up and wearing the wools..Its not the sexy we are used too, but damn..i feel like one hot and tough woman out there on the field when Im fighting. What a great feeling!

    I went to my first Deaf Expo and wow, what a great wonderful time.  I really am loving the fact that I can speak with my hands.  What an awesome language Signing is! 

    School is pretty much keeping me busy all the rest of the time when I am not trying to keep up with my lil man. Wow..OH, did I mention..I moved and I no longer have access to the big house with the wood floors and porches..NOW, lets see where I will make my backdrop.  I do not plan on leaving this area nor the woods.  I do love the tranquility of the woods! 

    I have been receiving emails from some of you here and I really appreciate the feedback.  I promise to resolve any and all issues that may arise.  I sometimes have to depend on help but promise I will solve it.

    Feedback is always welcome.  Please, without you guys, I would not have been able to do this for the last 10 years!

    Thank you!!!


    Fayth On Fire



  • HEY:) Thanks so much for reading! (February 9, 2013)

    I actually thought I had posted a blog since Nov. but maybe I forgot to push the submit button...Ooops.  Sorry about that!

    Soo...November - I know for sure I was in the last month of my 3rd to last semester of getting my Bachelors degree so Im pretty sure I wasnt doing much fun stuff.  Although I did go to North Texas for my first time and got to see Catelac Ranch and Palo Dura Canyon while doing some fun sleepy fetish stuff:)

    Then I took a little 5 day trip to Pennsylvania to visit family along with some fun glamour shooting with Look in my Lens. and some simulated crime scene photos with Bills PlayHouse then also did some videos with Debbie D the Scream queen.  We got to dress up like zombies and have some fun! 

    So all that fun was had plus lots of family time before the next semester started Jan 7.  That pretty much sums up what has been keeping me busy...EXCEPT i must tell you.

    I am now officially a civil war reannacter.  I have attended and dressed up like a Bella for the last 3 years BUT just 1 week ago. I dressed up like one of the men and did some marching and shot muskets at the Yankees.  It was soooo much fun. 

    What I find interesting even more so than the primitive camping in 30 degree weather , the awesome people and great friends to be made around the camp fire is that I grew up a yankee.  Now that I live in Florida I have had to fight for the Union side.  No wonder I have a hard time answering which side I am on. I went to school learning about the Yankees but now I have a musket in my hand to shoot em (no one really gets hurt).  But anyways..atleast within the game that actually let both sides win.  Since it is supposed to be fun but then yet educational.

    So other than that and getting pieces of my Harley Davidson stolen (then replaced but a great friend) all is well in the life of a college student.  I am doing well in my 3rd semester of Sign Language ( i really really love signing!) and my other classes.  I already wrote a paper on Pink Floyds album The Wall, and now working on a paper on a cover band for the Grateful Dead, a love autobiography, and even learning lots about the Deaf Culture. 

    I will be headed to NYC next month over my entire 5 days of Spring Break.  This will be my 4th or 5th year in a row visiting the city in March. I sure love it!  I hope to go Ice skating again in Central park.  Last time i didnt even know of it there..and my and my pal just stumbled upon it and and it was like a angelic moment..we ran and couldnt beleive we found this thing that is only seen on TV.  What a fun wine induced evening!


    That should pretty much be the highlight until May..when lots of partying will be happening:)

    The Biker Rodeo, more reannactments, Munich Germay, Spain (and driving to a fro), and ultimate family time will be had.  Woohoo.

    I hope each of you are awesome and I really really appreciate you reading this and keeping up with me.  Feel free to ask me any questions you may want me to answer for you or if you want me to write about something here..Just ask:)  i will listen



    Fayth On Fire

  • Happy Veterans Day! (November 12, 2012)

    From one Vet to another, please accept my thanks for what you have done to help us ALL have what we do.  Even if we dont think we have alot..we have more than so many out there and its because of what soldiers have given us to include ourselves.  I served 4 years in the AirForce in a menial job and did some really rediculous things that i swear just passed the time and made me look busy BUT i am a still gratefull for being allowed and able to do those things. 

    SO lets bombard Golden Coral and other supporters of Vets and eat alot because we deserve it!




  • Happy November!! (November 3, 2012)

    Now that the costumes are put away and the spider webs no longer make sense as decoration, guess we have about 2 more months till the end of the world..thats supposed to happen 12/21/12.  If thats that case, you better start watching my vids..cause it might take that long to watch all of them;) 

    Thanks so much for joining and checking out my little piece of the internet. Its a great place..dont ya think:)

    Let me know how i can make your visits back to my lil world a tad better and I will do my best;)

    Thanks so much for the love and the support!

    I will be heading up to see family in the NE and I am looking foward to hanging out with and getting bound with my girl here with the Xsiteability team.  We should be coming up with some awesome bondage scenario's and i think I will have her join me in some balloon fun too!

    PS.  I added yet another free video.  Its something I just filmed yesterday and just had to share why the heck my neck is killing me today;)




  • 3 weeks in and.... (September 21, 2012)

    well....still waiting for the hoards of good ol pals and friends and fans to join here.  Since my site wasnt a membership site for many years i cant expect miracles over night but damn..I do want

    But i would love your it because i dont do porn, or well, the spread leg stuff, or have big boobs or is it simply because you dont care for balloons or bondage that you wont join?  What is it that you want to see? 

    Having a website that is updated 2 times a week, nomatter the actual content is a very dedicating and time consuming part of being a pretty lil model.  this does not include shooting the video, editing the video (OH.and getting ready for the shoot), then saving, ftp'ing, then updating the video..or well, hundreds of them.

    It is very challenging to be a one woman team but I am giving it ALLLLLL i got plus some. Then going to college full time and being a mother and a friend and well, a nudist too...Im just not sure what else i can do to gather your attention more than i already do;)

    any ideas, suggestions, comments, that will help are always welcome.

    Tiss my rant for the day...homework is calling:)




  • 24 hours sooner;) (August 30, 2012)

    I have changed all my server and domain info to wait for this new beast of mine to be live.  I am nervous about this.

    I hope the many many many hours I have spent to make this happen was worth it.

    I also hope you guys enjoy what you see here.

    I hope my wonderful internet connection fixes itself too.  I think At&T finally realized that I am up to something fishy since I am sending gigs and gigs of info thru and well, im not sure if they anticipated that so it seems they like messing with my connection ALOT.

    BUT before i head to class today (or well at 0600 this morning) i changed the domain info up and we should be live soon. 

    So PLEASE feedback, comment, question, suggest all you want. I will listen and try to oblige;)


    Happy Burstday Thursday!


  • Almost Complete:) (August 25, 2012)

    Alrighty, with only a couple more semesters left at college in the goal of earning my BA in Communication, I thought i would get back in the swing of things and make you guys a membership site with some awesome personally handpicked content from the last 10 years of this awesome adventure of being a fetish model and having the time of my life.

    Since the beginning and my first glamour shoot in 1997, I have made an evolution like I never thought and I am here to share with you 2 of my favorite fetishes I love to film.  Bondage and Balloons and of course a few butts along the way:)

    I am in the process of brainstorming what you guys may want to see so PLEASE email me at if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or ideas. 

    If you want to see anything inparticular as a bonus update..If you ask nicely, you just may get it;)

    Thanks so much for the continued support through out the years.  There are so many more adventures that I am axcited to share with you.  I hope you will join me in this next chapter.





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