Custom Feedback

Feedback from Custom Videos and Photosets:

I just wanted to say thank you. You have produced some really amazing stories for me and I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten. The reason for my message is that no one else has been as thoughtful, dedicated and understanding as you have been. Your attention to detail and your conscious care for those whom you create for is so professional and outstanding. Sometimes, no matter how much you appreciate something or someone, you don't appreciate them as much as when you see their opposite. And have I had to deal with some opposites lately. It has made me realize just how awesome you are. Anyway, I just wanted to commend you on your work, your spirit and your willingness to see other's imaginations as respectfully as your own. Thank you for all of these things.

A Forever Fan and custom orderer in Ontario, Canada

Hi Fayth. You are simply amazing! First, thank you for understanding. Second, I can't believe you are still going to make the video. I can't think of another producer who would do something like this. That is a very generous act that I never expected but truly appreciate. You have been great through the entire process and I can see why you are one of the most successful producers/models going. Once again I truly appreciate the understanding and the generosity. Ryan S

Wow! That was amazing! The end product really came out great. I hope it didn't hurt too much and that you have a speedy recovery (the aftermath looked pretty swollen).

I can honestly say, I'm still "shocked" that you were open minded enough to try this. I appreciate your attention to detail, from wardrobe to lines you really delivered. My compliments to your co-stars and cameraman, they completed it. I hope you had some fun making it. Thank you for an excellent production. J.

All I can say is WOW!!! Those pictures you sent are amazing! It looks like you both did a marvelous job and I want to thank you once again for making the video. I have no doubt I will love this and I will keep my eye on the store Hi Fayth. I purchased the video today and it is awesome! The man you chose to be the phone man was perfect, everything was done realistically and of course you were simply amazing! I can't thank you enough for the job you all did on this and without a doubt I will be sending you another script in the near future. R.S.

My pleasure Ms. Fayth, it was all true and from the heart. As I have said many times before, if it wasn't for you there would be no Bill's Playhouse. For the record Fayth you rock pretty F**KING hard yourself! Bill P.-Bill's Playhouse

Wow, thanks for the pictures Fayth. You make it hard for a guy like me not to have a little crush on you. ) (lol) I have seen the clip and I must say that your absolutely positively awesome. I almost hyperventilated when I saw it, lol. You have such a perfect body for being stuck. I don't mean to be so fresh but it's just awesome. Wow I'm speechless. I'm sorry I'm so excited that u did this. Thank you thank you thank you Fayth TL.

Hi and first of all thank you so much for your first ripping video! I enjoyed especially ripping the shirts and the skirt and panties-wuuh......... Beamer

WOW!!! Those pictures look absolutely amazing! WOW! I appreciate the effort and the fast editing process. Once again thank you, the pictures look great and I can't wait to see the video! THEN: All I can say is that the video was simply amazing! The guy you picked for the villain was great. The whole disguised look came off really well and I thought he looked pretty menacing. You of course were fantastic, as usual, but I liked how you paid attention to the little details, and that's what made this video so great for me. The way you choked on your gag, and the whole opening conversation on the phone, you really portrayed what I was looking for. I can't thank you both enough for the great job, and without a doubt I will come to you again for another custom down the road. Thanks again! Ryan

Hi Fayth! All I can say is the custom w/ Wenona was wonderful! I just got it today and I can't stop watching it. Thank you for dominating her so well! Maybe you should just Dom full time. You were that good. I am very happy. That was as excited as I've been in a long time watching bondage....and I've seen a lot believe me. The pantygaggings were incredible! You really filled her mouth great! There aren't enough adjectives to describe how great this video was! Chris

The CD came yesterday! Fantastic!! You did a great job. Thank everyone who helped. Love the little yellow swimsuit you wore. Very sexy. Liam

Have downloaded and watch the clip, and I need to say that it was great! The upturned collar can be tricky to keep standing (they do have a tendency to rebel, especially in motion), but I thought you both did a tremendous job in keeping this fetishist satisfied. Many kudos to you and Wenona for providing such wonderful performances on the video, it was truly appreciated. Cody

Hi, I got it today and it was really fun seeing the whole thing and listening to all of you as you were being gagged one by one. Thanks again for putting it together so quickly and hope you get a chance to make another one like this in the near future. I am joining your site either today or tomorrow. Nice doing business with you --Don

Okay first off wow, just great work as always just incredible, you looked fantastic the perfect tight package, Very Sexy, and your binder was just as sexy, great work on her part she seemed to enjoy it. So Thank you Ms. Gina Rae great work. I hope the tape wasn't too tight, well I do and don't. It looked exactly like what I commissioned so thank you very much. I was a real pleasure to watch to lovely ladies having fun. So again thank you both samurai

You were great in the video. You did exactly what I requested in this video. You are also very beautiful and I like your attitude and your playfulness. My favorite part of the video was when you took that big handful of shaving cream and just splatted yourself in the face. That was cute... Messk1

Yea!!! Fantastic work. You did a great job. Thank Dakota and Karinne for me. Phil, WA

I got it and I have to say thank you. It turned out way better than I pictured it and thanks for burning me a replacement copy I hope to order a custom from you again in the near future. James Got the clip thanks very much, just watched the clip just great incredible work as always. Sorry about the tape in the hair, Thank Elane for me. She did some great rope work. Matt S

The set is GREAT!! Even the black and white ones--- YOU are terrific!! Unbelievable how you held those awkward face poses---well done! You were absolutely great with the poses and the facial expression. I am sure that it took a lot of time but you are a great performer---cannot compliment you enough Larry

All I can say is WOW!!! You shot it way better than I ever imagined it everything looks great I can't wait for the cd to come. & you really go out of your way to help your customers Jbomb

You are the best! I enjoyed the video immensely. Bill

A thousand kisses to you my dear! I really appreciate the screen caps! Your excellent to work with you listen and give what the people want. You did in 5 min what other sites couldn't do in 15! You are excellent! We will work together again. Fayth you have a #1 fan and customer! Michael

The shoot with Jael turned out great. I'm not a big fan of freestyle wrestling, but you and Jael did a really good job. I especially like watching you. It was cute the way you would jump up and keep trying. And the last hold was really cool. And you and Dakota and Karinne were great in the Pretzel (video) fiendish_shannon

You did an awesome job. Magnificent! Perfect. It was that great combination of funny and sexy that I love. You look good covered in cream! I really loved it. You did such a great job...very instructional :) you are beautiful, intelligent, a goddess in mortal form. A magnificent pie comedienne with the heart of a poet. Thanks again for your hard work. Ken

Many thanks!!! I have download it and watched. It was a great movie!!! Thanks a lot. Dominik

I received the DVD today. VERY GOOD for a first at my kind of fetish loved the set ups, masked villain, and your outfits and looks in them John D

YIPPIEYAYWHEE! You nailed the look perfectly. THANK YOU dead on! I thought it turned out o.k. that you got your gag off; helped make the dialogue interesting. Really appreciate that you kept moving your head, so your hair was both slicked, and mussed. Chuck F

All I can say is WOW!!! You shot it way better than I ever imagined it everything looks great I can't wait for the cd to come. Again thanks for helping me see something I always wanted....I got it and I have to say thank you. It turned out way better than I pictured it. I hope to order a custom from you again in the near future. James, MI

I just had a look at the pictures and I'm really at a loss for words, it's really nearly impossible to convey how awesome they are!! Thank you so much, they're everything I envisioned and more! =) Thanks again, those really are spectacular! Thank you for all that you have done, for being so helpful, but most importantly for making one hell of an awesome set! I would highly recommend your work to anybody, and have nothing bad to say about it at all, you and your work are truly amazing! Niall L. United Kingdom

*You just seem to out do yourself with each custom I come up with. Thanks for making the whole Fayth vs. Goliath video a reality. You really are a very special lady. Tn Brawler, TN

Just checked out your new hotfoot clip--that was splendid, lol! Reaction is perfect--you've become my favorite hotfoot girl and I think have just made a lot of fans on Hotfooters2. Nice work! Rake

*VERY FIRST VIDEO CUSTOM FILMED* I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the custom kidnap tape you made for me. You are lovely, and a good actress and I appreciate the effort you put into it. Frank P from Ct, USA

* WOW,! They pictures are amazingly hot! Superb show! Grazer

Hi Fayth, thanks very much for this AWESOME custom catfight video! Awesome sexy fight girls! Wild & hot.. you & Karinne put on a brilliant scenario. Loved every minute of it, & the set of pictures to accompany it were out of this world! Anyone reading this wondering whether to hire Fayth, please go ahead & do it as you will be a very happy customer I'm sure! Brian

Wow, those are awesome! I love what you've done...great job. Butros N.

You absolutely nailed it Fayth! I loved it; it's just how I wanted it to be. Thank you so much for accommodating and open minded to this scenario. A big fan.Sam

Feedback From Photographers:

I want to thank you very much for modeling for me today. There are so many good shots. It's just unreal! I want to thank you for the patience that you had with me today as well. I really do hope it was a nice fun shoot for you because it certainly was for me. You're a very fun person to work with. Art Boyd II

I should be thanking you for exactly the same reasons! :) You are such fun to "work" with, you come to the shoot literally bouncing with energy and enthusiasm, and I have to tie you up just to slow you down! :)

And my thanks to Fayth ... she's one of the best in the biz and always a pleasure to work with! Robert Deane

I really enjoyed working with you back in December. Yeah, I like to take a lot of pictures when I work with a model like you. You constantly amazed me by all the poses you could do. Jean, PA

Thanks again for working with me. You always do a great job and you're such fun to shoot with. I gave the pictures a quick look and am quite pleased. . AHW galleries

I can assure you that as long as Fayth is involved you will definitely get your money's worth. Fayth was the first model to work for Bill's Playhouse, and since day one has done more work for my groups and website than anyone else (except for me of course lol). Fayth is one of the most professional, passionate, and competent people I have ever met. She puts everything she has into her work. Bills Playhouse, NJ

And what an Honor it is, Indeed!! We here simply LOVE Fayth, Our sweet subbie Gal Pal, and have missed her terribly since we did her First EVER bondage shoot!! What a thrill it was, then, when you called and came over for the weekend. Man that was PHUN!! We here especially enjoyed Playing the REAL Kidnap Scene w/ you. I gotta tell ya folks, Fayth is one of the most gifted Natural Actresses Your ever likely to meet!!! That being said, there were times when she REALLY WAS a scared helpless kidnap victim. Hey, I can get into a character w/ the best of them, yet her re-actions to My Straight Razor even Scared ME!!! LOLOL!! When you cried those REAL Tears, I swear I thought I was gonna have a coronary! My sweet subbie , you simply MUST come visit again soon, skills on yours truly?? Hit me w/ Your BEST shot, Baby!! De Noire :)

Hope you got home alright and I wanted to thank you for an excellent shoot. It was a pleasure to finally meet you and it was a lot of fun to tie you up. I hope to work with you again. Scott R

Let me just tell was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with you. Made my first girl-girl "directing" job an awesome experience, and one that I'll remember for a long time. Your personality was awesome, and I loved all the energy you brought to each scene you were in! In fact, I got A LOT of ideas from you, just by watching you work. I was very serious when I said I wanted to get you back each and every month... Casey, VA

You are such a nice person and I wish you nothing but great thing for you in the future. I do love working with you. You have a great personality and I was honor to meet and work with you. JPashe

Thank you so much. I still feel a little bad, there have been so many times that I rearrange the house and set up the lights and backgrounds, then sit around and watch an hour go by, then take it all down and pack it all away. Yesterday reminded me not to be so cynical. I really like the way it all came out, though, like this was what it was supposed to be... You're definitely on my list. I had a blast meeting you and working with you! Richard Perkins, DE

I love to work with you. I told my photographer friends and models how much fun you are to work with. You both made it a lot of fun as always, and I'm pretty sure the footage is going to be awesome. Most important...I had a great time. You could probably tell from the goofy smile on my face most of the day. :p C.

Fayth is the original Bill's Playhouse girl, having been the first model to pose for my website back in March of 2005. This time around we worked for over two hours, taking over 850 photos in what is easily the best set I have ever done. Thanks Fayth for all of your wonderful contributions to my website, and more importantly for being such a good friend to me. You're a DOLL! & it was wonderful seeing you again and an unbelievable experience working with you. I had a chance to look at some of these photos and they are amazing, to put it mildly. This is BY FAR the best set that has ever been done for Bill P.

I enjoyed the hell out of working with you!! RB

It never fails me how impressive of a model you are. Thank you for all your hard work. Luscious

Wow what a fun day yesterday was! I wanted to say one thing to you...personally. You took what was a good shoot and turned it into a great one. I love your crazy energy and your willingness to go that extra mile when shooting. You surprised not only Tomi and Kris with your antics...but even me. You're definitely one of a kind! YOU are the person I want to see play opposite all my other ladies. You just have a frantic, sensual nature about you that makes capturing you on film a joy to behold. And if I'm 100% honest, it doesn't hurt that you're into the chicks I shoot with. :p I realized that having you dominate and "have your way" with another of my ladies is exactly what I'm looking for. You just rock when it comes down to it All I can say is thank you again for helping me find exactly what I'm looking for. It was a long journey to get there, but I can finally say...we're there. Rock on! H.U., VA

It has been a very long time since I've been to the Manor. But if you check the Phunhouse and Hylanders you will see I have been very busy indeed. A few weeks ago I had the sexy, lovely, and oh so very talented Fayth on Fire in My ropes. I can't begin to tell you how much fun that was. Watching her do what only she can do. She is Amazing. Thank you my angel for the wonderful time. Let's not wait so long between visits little one. Mistress Lady Gidge

You REALLY went above and beyond my expectations for that shoot. The way you did everything, from the on-screen tying, to your mannerisms/body language, and yes - your nylon foot worshiping - was perfect and exactly what I wanted. You may think it's cliché that I'm always so praiseful of you ladies after a good shoot, but OMG...that was the single best shoot we've ever done up until now. I'm not just saying's absolutely the truth. Simply...WOW! C

Thank you for the great video shoot. You are very easy to work with and also a lot of fun. I'm very interested in working with you again soon. Stephen's Photography

Frankly I couldn't think of a better model to work with and shoot- could easily spend a whole weekend shooting with you and still not even come close to doing all the things I would love to do with a model that has the flexibility you have and the love of bondage you have. You are gorgeous and a terrific model and I mean that. Working with you is a total pleasure - as is talking to you. And frankly I love your look - would take you over any monument to silicone any day. David


Feedback From Fellow Models!

Hey, had a great day. It was a little hmm.. Unthought-of, adventures, scary, and.... really funny. LOL Trinity

Just wanted to let you know you were a total joy to be around and incredibly easy to work with! You were also a pleasure to work with, I am glad you weren't offended or afraid to play off the plus size stuff we of course can do more than that next time! Darling Rikki

Fayth and Tomiko, Wow.... what a blast that shoot was. It was so good to see both of you again and like you said Fayth actually get to work with you! Big hugs to both of you! Savannah

Always a pleasure. Really had a great time with everyone. Looking Forward to the future shoots. :) Tomiko, NV

Fayth would be an EXCELLENT choice, fiery vixen that she is.... rawr. Kimberly Marvel

I love working with you too and always look forward to your chipper personality!!!! You are talented and can do anything you set your mind to. That is the type of person you are. You are a very special person and I am glad that I met you. You have such a fantastic bubbly personality!!!! It was a blast working with your talented self!!! Debbie D, PA

Wow, I remember that shoot. Awesome! Fayth kicks ass. Addie

Feedback From Fans:

Hi my name is Sam, I live In Adelaide Australia and I would just like to let you know I'm your number one fan. I think you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen and I think you are doing a great job, Sam

I'm a huge fan of all your work you have a real approachable quality about you and your work...... Don

You are awesome!!! Love the way you're always tied love the expressions that are on your pretty face and when you're not in clothes love that sexy body!! Cooch

I made an entry defending you against being just a "fetish model".

I think you have every bit of the physical abilities that Jill and the other women on her site display with regard to taking a punch. No comment was made on my entry...but I wanted you to know that I am a fan of yours. You have done some intense alternative scenes that equal belly punching. John T Hey Fayth. First of all, your site is amazing! I love your wrestling style, especially in the clip of you fighting the giant penis in the pool. I know it was meant to be funny, but I was pretty turned on by it, especially because of how you use your feet in the struggle. Dan Been admiring your bondage pictures on Gord for some time....absolutely superb You are making a scouser (ask Jeff Gord) a happy man indeed!!! Just a quick email to say all your efforts are appreciated. Kenny

Been admiring your bondage pictures on Gord for some time and then I see the attached photo of you....absolutely superb You are making a scouser (ask Gord) a happy man indeed!!! Just a quick email to say all your efforts are appreciated. Kenny

It has been less than 24 hours since one of the greatest experiences I've EVER had, in meeting you in person and of course, having a memorable session You were by far the the most easy to communicate with during the event and very beautiful also; in fact all ladies were open to communication, but it seemed very natural to you and for that, I appreciate you & your work (especially those toes, Fayth ). KEEP UP THE GREAT's definitely noticed & appreciated! Mike

You are the most fascinating woman I have ever seen. You are a chameleon, changing your look constantly, but always staying gorgeous! I've tried to find one of your looks that I like the best, but that's almost impossible. Just a note to tell you again what a great site you have. I love your look so much. The short frosted look you had as the Golden Guardian was the best! Keep this great stuff coming! I don't think you can do anything wrong, you are just the best out there. Fletcher B Let me start by saying I think you are one of the hottest fetish models out there. I love how dramatic and expressive you are in your pictures. Nunyo B By the way, I really love your tight hogties with the wrinkled soles visible! Very erotic! R.W.Brown Jr.

AND I forgot to say how absolutely stunning you were as a Pony girl in the rain at HofG Just a thank you Kenny

Without sounding like a sniveler (do you use that word in America?)...your photographs are like a breath of fresh air with regards to the 1000's of more mundane professional sites littering the www. I saw one recently where you were wearing a mask over your lower face....but the rope work and clothing also made the photo an instant favorite Mr KC, England

wowsers, so u are the same Fayth I've seen in other sites such as bouttime studios, and from sleeperkids world and many others, I'm glad I've joined the right group then. Btw keep up the good work "gthyr"

First of all the outfit you wear in the clip is awesome. You have nice muscular legs and the tights really emphasize them. FB EXCELLENT CLIP! Gotta admit you're a natural to bad we don't get to see your face and whole body in that clip, that's one lucky guy. Dom Longo You are very sexy girl and your vids are soooo nice especially the tickle vids, your feet are sexy. Pier It's a kind of something different. ;) Stefan

You in Jeans and white socks: very hot!!!! Theo, Germany

I just wanted to say you're stunning. I love your short hair. You have such a natural, fresh beauty! - Adrian in San Diego. Fayth is so beautiful. I would love to see some more of her knocked out. Please sweet Fayth, close those gorgeous eyes of yours and let someone take your picture. David S Hi. You are so sexy. Great vids!!! Keep up the great work. Scott

Your site is great, I think you look absolutely stunning and I hope you continue to make great clips. I loved your pie in the face clip. Slipperfanx

You were superb in the videos I watched of you on that site. Britney Nicole did very well too. She is definitely a good struggler and emoter. Frank P

I'm a long term admirer of your portfolio. At the risk of sounding like a caller to a radio talk show ("first time.. Long time") please know that there is a huge majority that appreciates your work and images. J

No getting out of this bondage!!

Wow, she has to be hot in that, sure outlines her figure well. :) Thanks Greg

Beautiful!! I very liked this photo the model is perfect... smile! Super sabadp for you! beijos{íSiS}

Hi Fayth. I hadn't yet gotten the chance to thank you for posting the nail tapping clip. I enjoyed your nail sounds and you're tapping skills and double the pleasure with your partner. :) Of course, I knew you would step up to the plate on this request. Thanks again! Will Williams

She just continues to delight. Bernie

I was reading the 'favorite model' thread at a forum and, as a sleepy fetishist; I also give you my vote (you look as if you're really out cold. Like Evangeline said, you add a certain something (which is very erotic and sexy) Marco.

Thank you so much for sending me the photos....stunning as usual. Your photographs are like a breath of fresh air with regards to the 1000's of more mundane professional sites littering the www. Seriously, thanks for the photographs and even taking the time to send them...really appreciated...and of course I'll be recommending your site to which I come across. Kenny, England

Some people are reluctant towards hypnosis; this video proves that you are bold and very open minded. M

I do enjoy a lot of your work, and as a long time fan of Jeff Gord have come across your work a number of times. The problem is that you see so many bondage photos that are very much the same, and then one like that hits you and makes you stop and think. Richard

Other Feedback:

That is what we look for in bondage. Something unusual. You don't see wrapped in a hammock, shrink wrapped and taped that often. MikeBP

Hi there you are pretty. Keep up the great work Andrew H

*Fayth is awesome and she is very knowledgeable Neil

Rikki -THX again for the opportunity to work with Fayth; also discovered she has quite an impressive website herself. Dean

Nice clips! I really liked the stuck one's where your legs and feet are kicking. I have an intense foot fetish actually and those clips are awesome. I'll purchase any more like that for certain!

Just wanted to say thanks, -Ken

Yup, I'll sign-on as a fan of this lady too. I especially like the relaxed position she is in while sitting on the chair. She's just sitting and enjoying. Bernie

I love your videos, but since you started making head stuck & stuck headfirst vids, you became my favorite model. Your pumpkin head stuck vid is really good: P Thank you very much, stay as you are, I like you xxx Nicolas L

Have to admit this: last night late I was fantasizing about you. ---in your biz I guess that's a compliment just being honest. I hate fakes. Anonymous

Keep up the great work. Larry T.

Re: a bondage picture posted: Every now and then you post one that makes me stop and go wow. This is one of them. I do enjoy a lot of your work. Richard

I would never have guessed it was you. You look really gorgeous I'm proud of you keep up the good work "My father"

Fayth - yes, you're the queen of nylon foot worship. Bar none

Even after all these years you still look freaking amazing. I still remember I had the biggest crush on you back in seventh grade. P.S. in PA

Wow! No THAT IS you. I know you don't do the "make-up" thing often---but god what a knock out you are when you high-light your eyes and lips.--I think the picture is HOT! Silk

I have had 3 different sleepy sessions with you in the last few years. They were fantastic and I am so happy to see your website grow. This is just a note to say that you still look great and I am a fan of your sleepy work. I really enjoyed your enthusiasm for pretending to be knocked out. You were by far the limpest person I have ever run across (kind of a strange compliment, but a compliment none the less). I remember how it felt to hold your limp body in my arms. Even though you were totally dead weight, you were quite light and quite sexy. Oh and another thing... You are beautiful. Your look changes so much and all of your different styles are great. You can pull off sporty, sexy, innocent, not so innocent, everything. Blonde, redhead, brunette, long, short, medium length. You are a beautiful girl. I love the variety you have. And to think, I was shy even to ask you to take your shoes off. You certainly have gotten bolder than that. I am a fan of your various blonde looks. But mostly a fan of your gorgeous face. My favorite look is totally slack faced, eyes very lightly shut, with your mouth hanging open limply. You do it very well. You do it all well. Thank you again for some great memories. Best of luck. David S

Thank you for fulfilling such a variety of fetishes.

You are a very talented young woman and there are many things you can do well. The things you're done with your "clips" and stuff, with almost zero resources of your own is pretty amazing. Jim in MN

Now that is one of the hardest working girls in the business. Congratulations Danni

Feedback in Lew Rueben yahoo group when bound by him: It just has an extra element of restriction and a bit of "mean-ness" to it that adds to the drama - it's sometimes hard to define what make a photo effective, and by effective I mean engender an emotional or a physical reaction - sometimes a simple presentation, even without elements of artistry like a killer set, setting, or lighting can be most effective. Felix

Reply from Lew,... so nice of you to comment on the picture of Fayth! That was my favorite set when she was out here visiting. No matter how you tie that girl she keeps wiggling around! (Don't get me wrong I LOVE wiggling!) So after the classic hogtie, I laid her on her side and added a rope from the front of her knees, slipped it under the front of her torso wraps...a pulled! Turned out that since the rope connecting elbows and ankles was tied AT the elbows, it made for an interesting. ... Twist... as well as slowing her down a bit.

I watched the greydancers flying demo pictures from your latest update. They look painful. Blindfolded with the rope itself and gripped with those chopsticks in your tongue and nipples. Your pain threshold must be high.

Just wanted to let you know I think you are an incredible person. I just visited your web site. You are absolutely INCREDIBLE...... V

I really like that photo in the Hooters outfit. The shiny pantyhose really accents your wonderful legs Fayth. Al

I accidentally stumbled on your site and all I can say is WOW!!! You have some truly exotic material in the genre that I like. I do think your site is great and no other site listed on your links can compare to your material. I love your site and if I may be so bold you have a great body.

Thanks for all that you have done and keep up the great work getting stuck ;) Keith

That is a hard bondage for woman to do it!

You were so cute in that video. I just cracked up at the way u struggled and said little things. I loved the "eww eww". Can't wait to see more. You are so awesome thanks. Keep up the good work. Nice selection of outfit too for the head stuck ;) or lack thereof; Troi L

You got a few fans that I know of... keep it up! I'll buy them every time!

We did pretty good all in all with three producers at three generations--he--he--- working together and making great product for the public that thirsts for it!!!!

I'm Pier your great fun from Italy. I have many of your video and I watch them many times. You are very hot in those video especially when you are bound and tickled...your sexy soles drive me crazy. I would like to stay here to talk with you but this is only a mail. Your pictures in your yahoo group are fantastic.

My name is Dimitrios. I have seen you on heroine universe. You seem to have good chemistry with Tomiko, when you 2 did tickle videos together. You seem to have a spunky fresh, playfulness about you. You are fun to watch in those clips. Keep up the good work. I am a fan of yours. Dimitrios

Nice photo, love the hood. Greg

Wow I just purchased that trash can clip... that was pretty sweet... That was awesome.

Dear Fayth, Yes, it came recently. Has pleased me gigantically. I love the 2 sprain videos you did. They are awesome! Hope the ankle is feeling better. Derek

You look hot wearing fishnets and those black thigh high leather boots

WOW the one with eight girls. That has to be a record! It would be good to be there to give them a hand to tie them. Please keep them coming. Dave, Australia

You would have thought with Fayths influence and wealth that the budget would have run to TEN models in bondage!! LOL - what a superb photograph....most I've ever seen in a posed shoot!! tarporley_biker, United Kingdom

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