Catarina Carissa Gets Webbed By Spyder Fayth Pt 1 of 2

19:45 video

Spyder Fayth has lured Catarina into her lair as she does believe we have made amends and are "friends" as she lets me practice my evil webbed villainous ways on her. We casually talk about what we im doing to her, I even fool her into believe I care about her well being and comfort. She really is fooled by this and has no idea what my plan is for her and that is perfect and exactly what I want her to think. I don't quite want to break her trust of me just yet. She allows me to wrap pallet wrap all over her body and limbs, her boots, her arms, her legs, her everything. She approves of each step and position I propose. My plan is working as she simply allows me to keep wrapping her and wrapping her with my sticky plastic webbing. She has no clue my intentions are not as they seem as I even entertain her with taking her pictures and even selfies when she thinks I am done having fun casual bondage experimental webbing shenanigans. Stay tuned for part 2, as she realizes this isn't all just friendly fun, but was my evil plan all along to keep her in my web forever.

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