Lucky Laundromat Find, Blow, & Play

12:07 video

I have been asked to make sure nobody left anything in the laundromat before they close for the winter. Its cold and rainy outside and Im in my own little world as I find a jacket in one of the dryers. Of course i check the pockets to see if there is any ID or something distinguishing ownership but instead I find a green deflated punch balloon, with the rubberband still intact. Well, nobody is around, or so I think so I decide I need a balloon break and get comfy on one of the washing machines and blow this sucker up. Wow, it doesn't seem pre-inflated or ever used, thankfully as i inflate this lovely balloon with my mouth. I decide to inflate it just before the neck starts filling in and tie it off. I don't always step back into youth-hood but wow, right when I start playing with this balloon and punch it just like it was intended, my smile is so big and genuine. I keep punching it and punching it with both hands. I really have stepped back 30 years as I am just having the greatest time here in the laundromat with just me and this green balloon. I finally realize you have been sitting in the corner silently the entire time but instead of stopping my shenanigans, i continue with my fun. I punch the balloon with my closed hand so hard that the rubber band snaps me very hard in the finger and palm causing me to remember how it happened years ago when i played with punch balloons. This doesn't stop me, i improvise and keep on punching it and having a great ol time with you watching. Soon the rubber band breaks again leaving me nowhere to hold onto it to keep testing this durable watermelon looking balloon. I do suppose I should get back to work too so I decide to not destroy this balloon but take this inflated but not too damaged balloon and the found jacket to lost and found. I am a honest person after all and I really appreciate whoever left this jacket with a fun filled pocket and I don't wish to steal anything ever.

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