Bonus Update: Country Justice, Faythfully Beaten

5:03 video

Some call me a redneck, some call me outdoorsy, others call me a country girl. No matter what title you give me, cityfolk do not belong in my lil bodunk town thinking they will find a good deal on land or any cheap business deal for that matter. Little does this cityboy know, he has a lesson to be taught and its not only verbal threats, a physical beatdown is what this clean, nice shirt, nice slacks kinda man needs get out of town now, not a minute later. I push him back into his motel room, punch and kick him to the ground and immediately show him who the town bully really is. What better way to knock down this city boy than to kick and stomp him in his family jewels over and over again. I even have some hay bailing rope that seems to wrap oh so nicely around his wrists behind his back and of course a burlap sack forced over his head so he cant see the punches I throw at his face over and over again. He doesn't know when my kicks to his balls are coming and the crunching and grinding of my bare feet into his junk sending his balls into his stomach. Throwing him onto the bed was so much easier than the bails of hay i throw on the farm, these city boys don't know what a real man should eat, nor do apparently. He continues to take a beating until I give him one last stomp to his face forcing him to lay almost unawake watching me and listening to my demand to get the F*ck out of town NOW! If only he listened to me earlier, he wouldn't be in such pain and regret from the beat down I easily forced upon him. 


***Thanks to SoleFeetures for producing, editing, and allowing me to share this awesome video with my fans. If you want to see more content like, please let me know. I really enjoyed creating this piece of art!***

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