Traveling Hogtie In this Ol House

10:18 video

I wake up to find myself not how I fell asleep, but instead with my wrists bound behind my back, my ankles bound tightly with rope and 1 other rope attaching my limbs in a hogtie. I am gagged and not happy about my new found situation. I hope its nothing but a nightmare but still doesn't mean i'm going to lay there and accept my fate. I struggle and test my binds and realize there is no escaping the ropes, so instead I struggle off the bed to the floor and roll around this bedroom, then to another trying to find a route to escape. I destroy a table and send things flying everywhere in the process of my hogtied bind and spread garbage all over the place as well. This ruckus doesn't seem to get anyone's attention to help so I keep traveling around in this hogtie trying to find a way out as I roll into a bathroom trying to see if there is anything or anyone in there to help me but to no avail. I realize I am upstairs and there is no way to get down these very steep stairs and I am breathing heavy and exhausted from such hard restrained struggling I lay my head down to fall into a slumber. Maybe this was a bad nightmare and Ill wake up in my bed untied, or maybe I wont.

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