Prepping Party Balloons Oops

11:42 video

I'm already in my party bathing suit, a very high waist cut one piece and since I like balloons, i think all parties need to have fun balloons as decorations. So I sit on the couch with my hand pump and long fun shaped balloons and I pump them up using only my small manual hand pump. My smile is so big knowing that other party people will at least see my balloons and if i'm lucky, play with them. I pump each of them up and tie them off, hoping none will pop. I then tie each of them off and put them on the couch with me. I get a bit distracted and in my own little head space and decide to pop them all in all different techniques. I bite a few, I rip apart a few and i use my long nails to pop others. i twist them and pop them and I talk to you and have lots of fun destroying the balloons I inflated. I even make you a big balloon hat but eh...i think its better off popped. I then realize my goal of blowing up balloons for the party was totally ignored and Im out of balloons. OOOPS! Do you mind going to the store real quick and picking up some more balloons before anyone arrives to the party. I must have balloons for it but darn it, i didnt mean to get too carried away but it happens:)

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