Masked Mute Villain Wraps Fayth

15:42 video

I have no idea how I ended up with my wrists tied behind my back around a wooded beam but I have been stripped of my blouse, my pantyhose, and my highheals, leaving me helplessly bound not knowing what will occur next. A masked sweaty mute villain walks in as I beg and plead for mercy but my words go to mute ears. He slowly wraps my body with plastic from my head to my ankles ensuring I do not go anywhere for his visual pleasure. He sits back and admires his handy work as I attempt to struggle and writhe to no avail. He obviously has a geniuse idea as he uses electrical tape to wrap over the plastic wrap over my face, distorting my facial features continuing to wrap the tape down my entire body as well. He takes pictures and selfies and I am not sure why as he watches my suffering and sweating beneath the plastic and tape bondage. He then walks away making a phone call informing someone that the package is ready for pickup. I do not approve as I struggle with all my might but the rope connecting my wrists behind the post keeps me from escaping along with the durable tape that is struck around my neck. I make it to the ground, still stuck to the post to realize my fate of truly being the powerless package of a bound helpless woman.

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