Pretty in Pink Pops In Shower Room

16:53 video

Im ready for a night out on the town but instead of rushing out the door, i must get in the groove of happiness in an empty public shower room. My pink dress, my black fishnet stockings and my leather boots are just the icing on the cake when I find several pink balloons laying around in the shower. WOW, what a great place to blow up balloons. Nobody is around except for you and I and you sit back and watch what shenanigans I am up to next. I am in a blow2pop mood and I certainly don't disappoint! I stand in one of the shower stalls with my hair down and flowing as I inflate this and all the balloons with my mouth and strong lips. I blow this sucker up until it cant take anymore of my lungs wrath. It really surprises me as this is the loudest echo that I have ever heard. I sure hope nobody comes running thinking its of ill will and not just a fun balloon popping. This 1st burst makes me so happy, i grab another and another to blow2pop each of them. Each of them explode in so many shards, I am in shock. They certainly are blown to their extreme and turn into more shards than I can even find later. WOW! I cant get enough but unfortunately my lips are telling me otherwise, as some of the balloons I blow2pop are challenging and stiff and thick and are difficult but of course not too much for me to burst but the fun must end eventually but not after popping several in this shower room making so much noise and smiling so big from how awesome of a mood this is putting me into. I have one last surprise for whomever uses the public shower room. I blow up a larger pink balloon and hang it from one of the stalls so whomever walks into this restroom next will see it and of course want to pop it. I leave the security camera running as when the person that comes in, sees the hanging balloon and apparently is scared to touch it, but reaches for a plastic rod and starts hitting it like a pinata making it spin and move. WOW, they sure hit it hard without popping, tho eventually it falls off the shower rod, falls to the ground as you hear it burst. Ahhhh...exactly what I was hoping for:) Don't you wish you could find a balloon waiting for you to do as you wish with?

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