Sit2Pop & Thigh Squeeze 2 Pop Colorful Balloons

4:50 video

Someone (me) left a mess of lovely, tied off, colorful balloons all over the floor. Today is my lucky day as I simply cant let them sit around for someone else to pop. I am wearing my favorite boxers, a cute white tank top that my nipples can be seen thru and my bare feet getting some grounding on this very old wooden floor. I decide that majority of these lovely balloons should get sat on to end their inflated lives. I of course face the neck of the balloon outward between my legs so we both can enjoy watching it stretch in and out to its fullest extent before they meet their demise and are forced into shards, just the way I like them. With every burst, my smile gets bigger and bigger and pile of blown up and tied off pile of balloons gets smaller. I give my strong thick thighs a chance to destroy a couple balloons as I put them between my thighs and squeeze. WOW, they sure don't last long as I squeeze with all my might. You wouldn't last long either, i assume;) Now there's a mess of shards all over the floor, its time you quite being scared and come clean up my mess!

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