Rija Tests Fayths Pain Limit

26:04 video

One day in a dungeon in Spain, Rija Mae and I are hanging out and of course we are not just watching TV, she much prefers to create her own show, challenging show for that matter. Right from the get go she puts rope on my toes that tests my pain tolerance. I do all I can to endure it without making too much noise but with every passing minute and every inch of rope she adds, the pain gets "worse" and worse...I don't want to disappoint her but with every movement, with every action I feel the reaction. I am scared of sharp objects as she enjoys tormenting me so slowly cutting my formal black dress off my body. Even that tests my pain tolerance. I make her aware of the issue, but of course i wont call red as I know her transitions will distract me in an unknown otherwise painful way. You hear it in my voice, my gagged with rope noise I am doing all I can to endure her bondage challenge, position, and watching her helps so much...but just not enough. She knows she is testing me to the limits, i trust her, i enjoy her. She punches me, she binds me, she cares for me only the way she can. Her smile is priceless, my suffering is wonderful. Thank you supertightbondage com for sharing this experience with me as I hope you enjoy watching me suffer in her control.

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