Dream & Fayth Pop Unicorn Inflatables In the Woods

10:16 video

Dream Marie & I are walking thru the woods with our orange vests on. Since we are not hunters, we both wear our vest the best way we know how, definitely not the right way or correct layers beneath but its hot out and this is perfect for us. We have a seat on a wooden bridge in the middle of the woods as we open 2 unicorn inflatable type balloon balls. They are squishy, soft, and come with a hard straw type thing that we poke through the already made hole in these inflatables and we blow. We both consider ourselves unicorns, so what better thing to blow up and pop, right? Neither of us have ever played with a toy like this, so its all experimental but fun none the less. We giggle and chat and notice how the unicorn design is funnier and funnier the more its expands. Its poor horn gets so small, its face gets deformed and just makes us giggle even more so. I do order Dream to blow hers up until it pops and she doesn't hesitate to listen. I end up talking to much and she blows her up much faster than I do mine. She blows and blows and it burst in her face when neither of us expect it causing us to be super startled. What we didn't plan for was the hard straw of her unicorn hit her in the lip and caused her a small injury. She shows me and I feel bad as this wasn't my plan and nor do I want a booboo either, so i was planning on b2p'ing mine but now we both agree that 2 injured lips isn't worth it and plus now i'm scared. So I after she shows you up close her booboo, i blow mine up a bit more then remove the straw and decide to sit to pop my unicorn. BOOM..we both are very happy it burst with no more injury and we are happy we showed these unicorns who the bosses are. Now its time we continue our walk thru these lovely woods.

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