Tent Full of 222 Balloons Popped By Carissa & Fayth

21:24 video

I spent hours the day before inflating 222 balloons to surprise Carissa with her first mass popping experience. I am so giddy to show her my surprise as I have her hold onto a gopro camera as I film from outside the tent. I have her do the army crawl into the tent so no escapee balloons get out. She immediately and helplessly pops balloons just crawling into the tent filled to the top. With ever pop, she squeals. She is loving it just as much as I am watching and listening. Once she stands in the tent and the balloons keep popping all around her. She hangs the gopro above her head as we get a few tidbits from that angle but my view is much better as we see her reaction and her natural go to way of popping them as she hugs them and pops them using her hands and belly. She immediately starts getting marks on her belly from the exploding shards hitting her. She squeals and smiles the entire time. We casually talk as she pops and pops and pops them. She steps on many, she hugs many, she pops all that she touches. I eventually crawl into the sweltering hot tent with her as I am very envious that she is popping them all. I must help! I hand her a sharp pin as we pop many very fast and we even take turns putting the pin in our mouth as the other throws the balloons as each others face to pop them. What an amazing sensation and experience. I light a cigarette and pop many by means of kissofdeath. Once the level of the balloons in the tent lowers, we sit on many and just keep on popping. I bite2pop many as well. We really have such a blast sweating and popping in our sports bras and yoga pants causing the mound of shards in the tent to increase. Now this what you call a fun day camping to say the least as we decide to take the very last of the 222 balloons and bite2pop it at the same time. What a team we make! We of course cause it to rain shards as we talk about her favorite part both smiling so big the entire time! Care to help me fill of the tent again and join me popping more balloons? Maybe a bigger tent so we can fit more popping people inside? What a blast this was!

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