Bonus Update: Boots & Tight Pants Leg Exercise Day

13:03 video

I am wearing a see-thru t-shirt, shiny tights, and lace up knee high, very high heel boots and its time I do my legs exercises. I start of with a warm up of just my lower body as you watch me dance to silent music as I loosen up my hips, my knees, and of course show off my thighs,calves, and my round ass all while wearing the sexiest boots in my collection. Once I feel I'm warmed up I roll out my yoga mat and lay on my side and do leg lifts to work out my thighs and work on my flexibility. I switch sides looking at you the entire time. I do double leg lifts and as you can't keep your eyes off my legs and ass and my boots. I then lift my lower back off the floor and imagine i'm riding a bicycle upside down as my ass is in great view. I give you a side view as i am finally breathing heavier and i slowly stretch out from this lovely leg strength and stretching session. Will you join me next time?

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