Fayth Blows Up Balloons In Plush Filled Room (NO POPS)

17:28 video

I have been waiting for years to surprise my girl Alexis Payne with some balloon fun. We have talk about it so much and she has seen me many times play with lovely balloons and today i finally have the chance to play with the loons with her. 1st I must blow up a bunch so we have some to play with but of course i do leave some uninflated balloons for us to blow up too but I really do want to surprise her. I have a vast variety of sizes and shapes of balloons so I just blow and blow and blow with my mouth as I am wearing a lovely red silk gown and black thigh high stockings with my hair in a double french braid. I do have to battle some 4 legged pets that try to play too but I scare them off with shooting the air out of my blow balloons and the air compressor hose i have laying there. Its kinda funny. They learn quickly to leave my room of fun! The more balloons I blow up and tie off, the bigger my smile gets and the happier I get. Not one of them accidentally pops which makes me even happier. The couch is filled with the biggest assortment of stuffed bears and creatures i have ever encountered. This surrounding play toys really helps bring out the little girl in me as I keep on blowing and inflating. I finish my mission with a huge long orange balloon as I use my air compressor to inflate it. I could've used my mouth but i am anxious for my girlfriend to come over and I want the room to be ready for her arrival. Stay tuned for Alexis to arrive in part 2 where we really have a blast together as we always do. 

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