Thief Binds, Gags, Gropes & Steals the Booty

18:14 video

I have had a long day at work but I still need to go to the store as I am writing a list of what i need. I decide to take a quick nap before I go out shopping. I fall into lala land in my knee high socks, short jean shorts and tank top with my hair in braid pigtails. Little to I know there is a masked man sneaking onto my property to steal my treasures. He quietly sneaks into my home, looks around to see what he wishes to steal but before he does so, he sneakily empties his bag of rope and duct tape onto my bedside table, pulls 3 strips of tape off of the roll all while i'm in slumber land. He closes my lips and quickly and forcefully put a strip of the tape over my lips as I wake up in a panic. I fight with all my might, kicking, punching, but unable to scream loudly beneath my tapegag. He is too strong for me as he rolls me over and ties my wrists behind my back taking away my fighting hands. He then adds the other 2 pieces of very sticky tape to my mouth to ensure the neighbors wont hear me. This doesn't stop my mpphing and moaning and distress. He then ties my ankles tightly together and my knees to keep me from kicking him or running away. I plead thru the gag but no words are formed clearly and he doesn't seem to care what noise i make as he fondles me, touches my tits thru my shirt, gropes my ass, my thighs and even takes a really good look at my back tattoo after raising my tank top. I try so hard to protest but the gag and the rope keep me bound and helpless. he then pillages thru my drawers and fills his bag up with my valuables, a she keeps looking at me in silence. I just hope he takes me stuff and leaves me be but i am wrong, he comes around, sick of hearing my muffled screams and pleads and places a lala land liquid soaked cloth over my nose as it forces me to be totally limp. He then throws me over his shoulders and not only takes my valuables but also takes me away to an unknown location and there isn't anything i can do about it as this magic white cloth has me out like a light.

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