Fayths 1st Needle Pump2Pop

9:24 video

I have this very unique deflated ball type inflatable that i bought in Istanbul, Turkey a few months ago while visiting. I have finally found a hand pump with a needle to use to inflate this sucker. I don't have a clue how big it will get or really how this hand pump works either. I moisten the needle with my mouth and i give it a whirl. It slowly inflates the more pumps I give it. I stop when its slightly hard, removing the needle to test out its ball like features. it bounces nicely but of course im not happy with it in 1 piece and inflated, it definitely needs more air forced into it. I tap on it often so we both can hear how it's getting more and more inflated and hard. I keep on pumping as i try to keep my balance on this lovely hammock. I pump and I pump smiling and hesitant at the same time. I take a break from pumping, i tap it twice and BOOOM, it explodes with a slight delay. I show you a slow motion of its bursting moment and my genuine reaction too. I am utterly impressed on how it popped and the shape the hole left in the ball. Now its a perfect hat as I talk to you a bit and ride my bursting high. Damn, i love popping everything that I can!

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