Sexy Car Short Dress Big Yellow Blow & Pop

10:18 video

Whats the next best thing to do with a sexy classic Mustang if you cant drive it? Use it as a prop to blow up a huge yellow balloon, that's what! I have a short sexy little black dress on, and am taller by means of leather wedge strappy  high heels and it's time I challenge my lung power yet again to see if I can blow2pop this huge yellow balloon. I lean over, I bend over the hood, and I also crouch down as I blow and I blow using only my mouth. I must take breaks to breath and avoid getting too lightheaded but once the neck starts forming, my lips start tingling, my head gets light, and I realize that I just don't have the umph to btp this big yellow sucker. I inflate it as big as my lips and lungs will allow but I decide to count down from 3 and pop this very over inflated balloon with my long finger nail. I make sure you are ready for it to explode and when it does, it makes such a loud bursting noise, i can't help but smile so big and genuinely. Wow, what a way to spend time with a sexy car, in a short dress, and a beautiful balloon forced into shards!

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