My Surprise Valentines Day Popping Gift - Part 1 of 3

10:06 video

Dream Marie demanded I come over 1st thing on Valentines day as she has a surprise for me. Knowing her, i had no idea what she had up her sleeve or down her panties:) I walk in to find her bed totally covered with balloons but no idea where Dream is. I call out and here her mumbling from beneath the mountain of balloons. I eventually find her beautiful face as she eventually uncovers herself from her slumber. She actually rested like this and this alone makes me happy. I them discover she made herself a balloon bra with an inflatable word "love" on her back. I am against the L word so i must destroy that first with my teeth. She then lays back so I can uncover her tits slowly but surely with my teeth and nails. I bite majority of them with my teeth as her boobs become more and more revealed. We share the joy as we bite2pop the same balloon at the same time forcing our lips to meet. We really get inveloped with each other totally forgetting you are watching but we dont care. Popping these tiny balloons from her, on her, with her is really the only thing on my mind and smile. I even make a nipple sandwich with a few of them as she trusts I wont bite her nipple off. I must say I've never had someone wear a popping bra for me, allowed me to bite and pop it off of them, more or less not scream with every pop either and this was just the beginning of our valentines popping surprise. all I know is I can't stop smiling and nor can Dream marie

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