Carissa & Fayth Taped & Tormented By Kinky Tourist - Part 2 of 2

9:14 video

Part 1 of attempting to show our new tourist friend a good ol kinky time in the ol woods of Florida was lovely, our mouths were ungagged, we laughed, we spoke, and then also realized we won't be making it to the office or for that matter, escaping. but Flamin-Go, the tourist isn't done with us. Now that he knows we have no choice but to accept our fate taped to this tree so tightly and securely, he can do as he wishes how he wishes, when he wishes. Now Mr. Tourist decides he needs to see our tits by ripping open our white blouses, he needs to shut us up so we don't get help by anyone nearby that hears our screaming. We spend a bit of time bickering back and forth once we are fully gagged, taped, and helpless. We decide to try and escape but as soon as we attempt struggling and trying to move the tape from our mouths, hands, and body, it hurts. Carissa yells at me thru her gag, we mpph a lot trying to get loose but no matter how mad we get at each other, or what little tape we do manage to get off our body and legs, we are seriously stuck here until help comes. WOW, that German tourist, Flamin-Go sure knows how to use his tape to fix 2 woman to a tree in the middle of the Florida woods. 

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