Touchless Balloon Popping Experiment

22:24 video

Not everything you see on the internet is true but I had to prove something i recently seen. I saw a balloon pop when an orange rind was squeezed near it. No touching it, no sharp instrument, nothing other than orange juice or orange rind juice. This video is my way of doing this science experiment / study to know if its a fact, or fluke and to even test a variety of citrus and the inside juice and the rind juice. I start with a calamondin orange. I peel part of the rind off but maybe it was too ripe but i didn't have luck squeezing the rind hard enough and the juice from inside did not pop my balloon. I then peel a normal size typical orange and squeeze the rind juice on the balloon without touching it..POP. bareI am in utter shock. I cant believe it worked. Of course i must try again and again. I do squeeze the inside juice on a balloon just to be sure of this study as the balloon does not pop. i just make a mess all over my hands, floor and my bed. I have a hard time squeezing the rind so i retrieve a plyers to help me. This definitely helps prove that orange rind juice does infact pop balloons. Amazing!!! BTW: i totally forgot to put panties on so not only do we get to learn something, you totally get some good shots of up my silky dress:)

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