Casual Bondage Fun & Magician's Box

My 2 lovely kinky bondage loving friends are over for a day of rope. I have had this fun kinky box for years and years and its time I use it the way its intended. KnottyGuy ties my arms in a beautiful self hugging tie with purple rope then places me into the box cross legged as he ties my ankles together so I cant escape, or so he thinks. Once I'm in a proper criss cross apple sauce indian sitting position tie, they semi box me in as he ties up Giving Sun above my head with her arms above her head. He does ensure we are both gagged in the end. Her knees cover my ears as she straddles my captive head. You can tell I am smiling underneath my gag. Who wouldnt? Now that the prep is done and the rope is on us both, we have a bit of struggling fun. Its time to see if we are good magicians assistance in escaping our binds. Knotty Guy stands back and watches as I only need just a tad of help with the box to reveal not only did I get my high heals off, but the rope off my ankles, and the rope off my chest all while inside the box. Giving Sun isn't that fortunate as I do try to help her but realize she is much more lovely bound and helpless and at our mercy;)  This is what a call a fun casual lovely day with 2 wonderful kinky forever friends!!

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