Fayth Takes a Bubble & Balloon Popping Bath

I inflated all these beautiful balloons and filled the tub 1/2 way so i knew id have room for water and bubbles too. I undress and I crawl in the most fun looking jacuzzi tub ever. I really don't know how i will pop all of them, i just know that popping each of them is my plan. As I'm getting comfortable in the bubble balloon bath and do a bit of decorating with them, a few pop unexpectedly and the most awesome thing happens. They go flying thru the air and spray water everywhere too. I am in shock and in awe and so happy too. The messier the better, right? So my popping method comes naturally and i learn the more pressure i have on the balloons beneath the water, the further they fly and the more fun it is to see what will happen. I cant control my laughing and giggling throughout this entire fun bath time. I seriously am in my element of popping, water, messiness, and fun. You really should come over and join me in the tub and pop some with me. This was the most amazing bursting fun time i have had in a long time! I cant wait to house sit this house in the future so I can have this type of fun shenanigans again:)

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