Bonus Update: Dream Painfully Zippered: Her 1st Time

Dream Marie is a very crafty woman and seems her arts & crafts day includes self torture and torment altho she has never made it or felt it before.  She seen it somewhere and therefor she made the most colorful clothespin on a string zipper. 60+ plastic clothespins, glued and strung together to make one amazing BDSM toy. This was part of her Valentines surprises to me and I am giddy and worried but she definitely is ready for the unknown. We talk about a few things as I slowly start squeezing pieces of her skin under her armpit, then her natural tit, down her side of her belly, then her inner thigh then placing the last few on her lady bits. I clamp her labia together and the last clothespin is pinching her labia thru her lacy panties. She definitely didn't expect me to be so mean but don't hand me something so fun and think it will tickle. Once I have all the skin pinchers places where i want them, i take a few pics and make her get comfy with them. I am smiling so big knowing what is coming. Her reaction is of uncertainty and excitement. I love it. I flick some of the clothespins, teasing her. I really delay the inevitable. I stand up as i know i will have to pull all of them off at once. anticipation is the best. I have her count and before she is at 3, i quickly rip them off her skin making her howl in pain and look so beautiful in her painful reaction as I have the biggest grin on my face. I uncover her mouth so hear her scream. How awesome! We then take a close look at the marks they left on her skin. Every single clothespin left their mark. Some of the marks lasted more than a week. I think we need to have another tormentful arts & crafts day, don't you? 

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