Rija Ties Fayth for Underwater Fun

Rija and I have been friends for years and I trust her devious mind and ways with the rope. No matter what type of bondage she puts me in, i know I will be safe. She spends time tying me up outside the pool at you watch from inside the pool w your Gopro. There is very little audio but there is lots of emotions and action happening even if you cant hear us clearly or at all. Once she completes what bondage she can tie on me at the pools edge, she then guides me into the pool and uses a pool toy inflatable to help keep my bound body afloat as she finishes off hogtying me. First she makes me think the inflatable will always be with me to help me think i will float, but instead she pops it causing my bound body to sink and my mind to relax and panic silently into her trusting arms. She then continues to dunk me beneath the water and only lets me breath when she feels I should. I open my eyes beneath the water as you join me with your gopro to watch how I react under the surface. I look at you, i let out my air in the form of bubbles and come up to the surface to breath and smile alot. I seem to float on my own so she has to put a bit more effort into forcing me below the water. She smiles, i smile, you smile watching her torment me as you continue to watch as we have fun in the water in sunny Spain. I hope you enjoyed this g/g bondage torment as much as Rija and I did.

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