Bondage Endurance at BoundCon 19 w JJ Plush - Part 1

Since BoundCon 2020 didnt happen, I had to reminisce on what we missed out on and the beautiful people and the wonderful bondage that happens constantly. This particular fun bondage show for any audience to watch and take pictures of was a new feature and it was to see if the model could endure 45 minutes of bondage by whomever and however the rigger decided to challenge the model. I was very lucky and was paired up with JJ Plush. She is so tough and sadistic but I trust her with my every inch. I did not know if I could endure 45 minutes of her devious ways as she crotch ropes me, ties me helplessly with while rope and has me lay on a lovely cage for her to add and change a few different gags thru out and adds plastic painful clips to my nips and just have fun with me, as her helpless damsel that will be here for a while. The music from the main stage is heard but also our chitchat banter is also clear. I cant help but smile behind my gag as she is just so lovely, but oh so mean too:) 


Stay tuned for part 2 as she decides I need a drink and a bit more of a challenge by means of a dear friend of ours. 

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