Alexis Paynes "Intro" to Popping Balloons

26:38 video

I blew up many shape and size balloons to prep for my girlfriends arrival along with a room full of stuffed plushie toys. Alexis is a little at heart and when she sees the plushies and balloons, she immediately smiles and knows what to do. I have her tell us her first encounter with me as I was blowing up a huge balloon years ago, but finally years later, we have the chance to pop balloons together. Once again, she totally goes against my "norm" balloon intro tradition as she just wants to bite them and pop them before I even begin my introduction on how to pop balloons. I do try to stay on task going thru the different ways to pop them. We bite2pop them, we sit2pop others, we use our fingernails to pop many and we use a needle to imitate kissofdeath pops too. We both are smiling so big, laughing and having a great time popping all we see. We step on others as she has to help me do so as my pantyhose clad feet don't pop it easily. Once we run out of pre inflated balloons, we grab a few others and blow them up with our mouths and blow2pop several. We then bring in the big orange balloon and straddle it and bounce on it until it cant take both of our asses on it forcing us to fall into the couch grinning ear to ear. Alexis is really a natural born popping girl. She then grabs the air compressor to try and inflate to pop the 1st balloon I ever gifted her. It's a beautiful clear balloon but the air compressor runs out of air once the neck starts forming so i challenge her to use her mouth and lungs to blow2pop it. She has issues keeping a grip on it once it gets totally over inflated. She then used her body to easily pop this huge pretty balloon when i least expect it. She sure knows how to surprise me. When I think we are done popping, she insists on grabbing long thin balloons to see what it is like to use the hose to inflate to pop a few. We both are very amazing on how big and long and loud the burst is. WOW. What a fantastic popping time this was!!! I cant wait till next time! 

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