Seduce & Pop Many Balloons

I have my bed full of many shiny black balloons and 1 large red balloon. I think its time I destroy all these wonderful blown up balloons. I have a seat on the big red balloons as I take turns with each black balloon showing who the boss is. I am feeling really sexy in my short leather short shorts, my backseam fishnets and my lacy bra. I fondle each of the balloons before I decide just how I will force them into shards. I push, I prod, I poke, I lick, I seduce them until I use my teeth, my long fingernails and my even my ass to show just how fearless I am of the exploding balloons in my hands. I explain a bit how I feel, what I want, and what each deserve before I burst each of these suckers to their demise. Once I destroy all the black balloons, its time I show the big inflated red balloon just what I might want to do to you, or maybe you to me. Beneath me, between my legs, maybe your cock in the neck while I sit on top of it. I bounce high and hard as if you are beneath me. Can you imagine you taking place of this balloon or do you want the balloon to be our fucking barrier. Let your imagination fly cause it certainly is an option. I really manhandle this red balloon before it just cant take anymore of my wrath. But could you take it? Or would you burst before the balloon did with me gyrating and humping you just like I did this lovely big balloon?

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