Bonus Update: Naked Plastic Bag B2P Challenge

I recently acquired an entire roll of plastic hotel rubbish bags as the first thing i thought of when i spotted them was to blow them up until they popped. So they traveled a few thousand miles back home with them so I could give it a try. I have inflated many plastic bags of different sizes in the past but its time i refresh my memory on just how difficult some can be in my b2p mission. I really do not expect such a difficult time but I am stubborn so I do not give up. I explain to you what the problem is with every failed bag. My long nails get in the way, a factory default in another and my hand starts hurting almost right aways. I do not give up as finally on my 5th attempt, 5 bags later, and now covered in sweat, i finally accomplished my mission and did blow2pop one of the stubborn plastic garbage bags. Thankfully i was stubborn but also im not sure i could've attempted to inflate2pop another due to my hand pain. This certainly was much harder than I thought it would be but Im super happy I stuck to it and succeeded in my popping mission.

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