Fayth Goes Milf Hunting

Its hunting season and I just know im gonna fill my MILF tag, i just know it. I just have to be patient and set the right traps and wait. I heard MILFs love these woods since nobody is ever around and they like being alone away from the hussle bussle of the household chaos and noise. I've learned they like crafting supplies too, so i wait and watch with my handy hunter orange hat and vest and of course the best crafting twine known to MILFs. I wait and I watch as I spot my target. I watch her walk...Yes, this is the one! I set up a booby trap of 60 meters of lovely crafting twine rope. She instantly knows this is too good to pass up, as she unties it from the tree and follows my zigzag trail of it thru the woods. Silly girl, she has no idea its a trap as it leads her right to me as I surprise her from behind and struggle but succeed at hooding her with a burlap sack so she cant see what or who has her now. I immediately start taping her wrists as she submits much more quickly than I thought she would as she is on her knees, as I tape her tits and her arms to her body. I quickly learn she is semi happy to be caught, as she is sick of the house-wife life and very sick of doing laundry. I didn't expect this mentality but I slowly make her change her mind as I add more and more tape to her body as I make her stand against a tree as I cleave gag her hard and tape her ankles, tits, thighs, ensuring she is secured to this tree. I cant help but giggle myself as her pre-gag dialogue is not what I expected to hear from my tricked and bound MILF. Once I have her secured, I ensure she will have 2 less pieces of laundry to do as I totally destroy her black thick tights / pantyhose with my sharp tool and rip and cut her long t-shirt type dress into shreds. Now that the gag is taped and her head is stuck to the tree, her clothing is ripped. She is finally coming to her senses that is no joke and I will be taking her home to mount her how I wish. No carpool, no laundry, no nothing but to be my trophy MILF that i hunted and captured all myself! 


I have hunted, tracked, booby trapped, captured, taped, gagged, and destroyed this lovely MILF in the middle of the woods. It took patience and smarts but I succeeded now its time to have some fun. I just want to sit back and watch her struggle as she is taped to the tree to watch her fight slowly decrease. her whines and gagged and muffled moans definitely are a turn on. I get her big tits out of her bra to expose her beautiful nipples making her groan thru her gag even more. The more she struggles the more they bounce in her bondage. Her eyes plead with me begging me not to take blackmail photos of her, but of course as a hunter, I must take pictures with my trophy MILF. If she decides not to cooperate and when I decide I'm done with her, if ever, I think I will ask the laundry mat for the ransom since they will be the one that miss her the most. I really cant get enough of watching her struggle but I go and prep her vehicle, untape her from the tree and make her hop all the way back to the parking area without her sneakers and only her pantyhose covered feet and of course her bouncing titties as I have her connected to a hunter orange leash. Damn I sure caught me the perfect MILF! Just remember, high quality crafting supplies does the trick around these neck of the woods:)

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