Upskirt Dangling Legs 44" Blow2Pop Challenge

I am sitting on the ledge of a 2nd story room with my legs dangling over, black flats on my bare feet and no panties beneath my short black tight dress. I get antsy and reposition my legs throughout this fun balloon time so you definitely get good glimpses of my girly bits. My attention is on this 44" 110cm Giant Figure balloon. It is such a unique shape and I'm in such a unique place, what better time to try and blow to pop this lovely balloon. It has been part of my balloon stash for quite sometime so i am not sure if there are any blemishes or malfunctions to it, but what better way to find out than keep on blowing until it pop! I blow and I blow and I blow. My lips are a bit out of practice and altho I am sitting, I still get light headed and must take a moment to rest and recoup but of course Im talking with you telling you how I feel, what im thinking, and what is going on in my lack of oxygen head. I do have a few people watching me from below but this does not stop my from blowing and inflating and filling this sucker more and more. The position I am in and the camera is in is perfect as this balloon gets so long, so big, so perfect the more air I force into it. I'm glad I gave enough room for you to keep a good full view of it the entire time no matter where I moved it to while blowing it all up by my mouth only. I don't give up until it just cant take anymore of my forced lung air and it explodes with a loud boom and a Faythful scream and of course a huge smile and giddy laughter. I really do love when my goal is met and I get to successfully blow2pop such a huge balloon. I'm sure you can tell that by my huge smile. I get the huge shard thrown up to me and show it off to you as I don't think my smile can get any bigger than this. Now to figure out how to get down from here.  

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