Bonus Update : Grabbed & Handgagged Hard!

I just got home from the worst handgagging gig I have ever done. I am frustrated and I must vent. I turn on my webcam so all of you wonderful friends and fans and fellow models know who to never work with or for. I explain in detail how bad of a producer he was for many reasons. Little do I know he snuck into my home as I lay on my belly and rant and complain. He stands in the doorway as I vent as he puts on his sunglasses and hat and quietly sneaks into my room and hops on my back and forces his hands over my mouth as he puts his full weight on my back. I react in shock and fear and big blue eyes and mpphs thru his strong hand over my mouth. He uses 1 hand, 2 hands, and the other hand with all his strength to keep my quiet and handgagged. I try so hard to tell you that this isn't an act. I make the phone sign with my hand, I make the 911 sign with my fingers, begging you to call for help. I fight so hard. I struggle as hard as my body will allow as he pulls my neck up and back so he can keep his grip over my mouth and sometimes my nose. My struggling doesn't make it easy for him but he sure does his best to keep his grip over my face. I beg all of you watching online for help but after what feels like an eternity, his hand finds my nose longer than need be and forces me limp and in a starfish pose on my belly as I let out one last long sigh breath. He slowly crawls off of me and leaves me KOd on the bed. Seems he is now happy with his handy work as he leaves. You then get a good look at my now limp and vulnerable body as you watch from your screen to my bed and there is nothing you can do to help me as none of you know where I live. All you can do is watch and wait and hope I wakeup eventually from the hardest handgagging I have ever experienced.

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