Strict & Struggling Frogtie for Fayth

When I work with folks that have been following my bondage work for years and years, their goal for when they tie me up is to see just how little I can struggle in their ropework. I am pretty sure this was the case with KK Roper. He has be in a lovely frogtie while in a girly pink dress and very nice pantyhose. I struggle a bit and show all movements possible but this was way too much movement for his preference so he adds more rope and watches me struggle and gets a good view of my pantyhose clad bound feet and muffled gagged sounds too. I must be moving too much as more rope is added to my already bound helpless body. My hair is pulled back, my feet are bound, my arms aren't going anywhere and my gagged noises and mpphs prove I am pretty damn stuck altho I am still able to show you a bit of my predicament since I am so stubborn and must move, nomatter how painful and challenging it is. I am Fayth after all...I do not stay still in bondage. I can not, will not, nor ever will:) Wow, KK Roper really did do great in his challenge to keep me bound and unable to just escape or move much. Thank you!! 

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