Public Bikini Path Blow2Pops

Its a hot day outside and I want to go for a walk so why not strip down to my bikini bottoms and my strappy sports-bra and go for a walk all while blow up balloons until they pop? I skip and smile and giggle as I stop along this lovely path in the wilderness and blow up 2 different size and color balloons until they cant take anymore. I also get close to not being able to stand up while blow and blowing. I take a few breaks from my light-headedness but this doesn't stop me from forcing my hot air into each of the balloons as you watch my stomach tighten with every exhale into the balloon. The final balloon is a huge heart print clear balloon as I find the end of the path with a lovely wooden bench. I take a bit of a sitting blowing break and then get ansty as usual so I stand and blow and show you my talent of not fainting and blowing before i decide to tie this balloon neck into a knot and start my walk back out of the woods hitting the balloon up in the air, chasing it, letting the breeze catch it as I try to keep control of this lovely loon before I make an impulse decision to hit it into the brush. It doesn't pop as I expect but moments later it bursts with a nice but not too loud of a pop. ahhh..I think every walk in a bikini should be like this with nature and balloons and bikini's, don't you agree??

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