Carissa & Fayth 120Ft Rope Mishap

Carissa & I were hoping to get a hanging chair and hammock hung in our backyard but the man with the rope had entirely different plans. When we hired him he gave us such a discounted rate we thought it was cause Carissa was wearing her bikini and shear robe or maybe because he liked my red dress. We both were wrong as we end up bound together to 1 tree in the 1 piece of 40 meter length rope he made us purchase for his project. We should've been more specific in what we wanted him to tie up cause now we are stuck bound and struggling to a tree. We discuss our predicament and realize the more we struggle the other suffers, esp. from the rope around our neck. We try not to hurt each other but i cant help but make her squirm in worry. The more we squirm and move on the tree we feel the ropes get a bit looser and looser, so we slowly and carefully release our wrists but that doesn't help much but the more time that passes, the more we squirm, the more we are able to escape this tree bondage. I seem to succeed a bit faster than Carissa therefor giving me a genius idea to get out and retie her to the tree because well, that's what friends do, right???

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