TreeHouse Blow & Popping Sneaky Fun

I am snooping around and I find this amazing tree house and when I look inside there is a pile of perfectly good balloons inside. There is no way I can just pass this by especially when I don't see anyone around, nor does it look like anyone lives here. I make myself comfy inside as I look around at all the webs and natures rubbish around me, but I quickly distract myself by blowing up almost all the balloons I have found. Each are different colors, shapes, sizes and my smile only gets bigger and bigger the more I blow up and tie off and lay around me. I am loving this treehouse more and more. Once I think I have blown enough up and tied them off, I realize there is no way I can just let them here inflated for someone else to find. So I look around and I see the most perfect way to pop them. The doorway to this tree house is old and somewhat falling part and there are metal screws sticking out so I decide to use what is here to pop them all by pushing them into these metal pieces forcing to pop. Some make very loud banging noises and others, no so much but the louder the better for me, but I sure hope nobody here's what I'm doing or I might get in trouble for being where I'm not supposed to. Popping these mouth blown up balloons is my priority and my focus until I see somebody walking towards me and I'm not done popping them all yet. I hurry up and pop them while this stranger watches me and doesn't quite say anything but the reaction on his face is not of a happy one. Oh boy, am I going to explain myself out of this situation...or will he force a lesson upon me that I will never forget....that an apology just isn't going to be enough. 

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