Bonus Update: Making Your Smoking Mistress Wait

I am waiting and waiting as patiently as I can as I smoke a cigarette and sip my precious coffee. You know better than to make me wait but you simply just sit there on your knees as I stare at you tapping my thigh high shiny high healed boots. Crossing and uncrossing my legs as I wear a skin tight cat suit, my hair in a bun and my makeup done to the tea but you have yet to figure out what it is that I need, what will please me, what will make me smile. So we both just sit there as I get more and more impatient as you can see on my facial reaction. The smaller my cigarette gets, the more frustrated I get. I tap, I cross, I stare at you hoping you will come to your senses and use what little brain you have instead of thinking just you in front of me on your knees will make me happy. You better hurry up and fix your mistake or this will be the last time you bow down in front of your Mistress. This Goddess doesn't wait any longer and you should've known better to ever make me wait with no tribute in hand.

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